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The Ghost In The Web Cam

Story ID:8777
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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She was a very lively girl in life
and just seventeen when she died,
and Her Father,when He spoke of Her,
always cried.
In life,Our paths never crossed
and I cant claim to have known Her at all,
but I can say that one dark night,
Her Spirit came to call.
I was all alone in my small cabin
that I rented from her Dad,
I was chatting on the internet
to a Friend of mine who was sad.
We had Our web cams on
as We chatted that dark night
of how the World had treated us
and how each of us had to fight.
We talked of broken promises
and sadly shattered dreams
we wished that things were different
than what tonight they seemed.
When I noticed that in my web cam
there was a sort of glowing form
this is strange I thought
completely out of the norm.
Slowly the form became a Person
that person was a young girl
wearing a checkered westen shirt
with long brown hair in curles.
She seemed to look around the room
as if she had been there before
and as I gazed at her appirition
She glanced quickly at my front door
I was not frightened of Her presence
and I knew I was not insane
and I really wanted to ask her
if she would tell me her name.
So I stood up to speak to her,
to say I was glad she came to call
but of course when I looked for her,
no one was there at all.
The next time that I saw her Dad
I had just one request
I asked him if I could see the photo
of his daughter he carried in his vest.
I looked at that photo and smiled
for looking out at me
was that same pretty girl
that I had chanced to see
There in that lonely cabin
where no one else could be
and still today I wonder
why she came to visit me.
The Poem/Story was inspired by a comment by Mr.Charles Dishno,who commented on my poem "This Old House",posted on ourecho.com and is in most respects absolutely true,and as I said in the poem,I still wonder why she chose to visit me.I left that cabin soon after that experience but not because of it.When I left it was close to Christmas,I searched all over the house and collected a few ornaments that I found there and left her a small decorated christmas tree there as her father had told me that she spent a lot of holidays there,christmas being her favorite.
Bob Mitchum