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The Prospector

Story ID:8780
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA USA
Person:Gold digging Chelsea Kansas, Kid
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The Prospector

The Prospector

Back in 55
Gold rush was alive
So I said adieu
To Mary Lou

Shep and I
My mule Eli
With a sigh
Said goodbye

Headed West
Walking trail not the best
Walked day and night
Weather was a fright

Trod through rain
Hail storm caused much pain
To dog and mule
Covered my head with pan, Im no fool

Weeks and weeks of walking
Only to old Shep I was talking
About the next day
We would be in Californ-i-a

Boots had big holes
In the soles
My shirt was ragged too
What am I gonna do

Old Sheps feet were sore
Wed walked a million miles or more
Eli had ran away
Look for him another day

Found a running stream
The beginning of my dream
Plenty fish and game
Decided to stake my claim

I panned day and night
Hoping this was the site
Of something bold
Dreams of filling my poke with nuggets of gold

Eureka a prospectors dream
Found pocket of gold in this stream
Now the thing to do
Is get Mary Lou

Thought of all that walking
Set my feet to balking
Decided the thing to do
Was forget Mary Lou.

Monte L Manka 03-27-13