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"The Birds" a Mitchum Mystery

Story ID:8783
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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As it has been 50 years since Mr.Alfred Hitchcock gave us his classic horror film "The Birds " starring Tipi Hedren that gorgeous knock out blond movie star of the 60's. I thought it might be appropriate to render my own version of "The Birds" here on our echo,so dear reader sit back,grab a cup of coffee and embark on my own classic tale of....horror as I relate the tale of.....the birds of mithumville!
One morning as I stepped out of my front door and approached my newly washed automobile,I couldent help but notice that a few pidgeons were hanging around,some were sitting on the power lines,some were pecking half heartedly in the parking lot and a few were actually perched on top of my car!humph! I muttered to myself those stupid birds are gonna get it if they have messed up that car of mine.But fortunately for me,they had not messed it up.I went around to the barn and was instantly mobbed by a flock of birds as they ran toward me! heeeellppp I shouted to my wife who was peeking out the kitchen window of our house,quick Debbie! I shouted,call the police,these damn birds are gonne eat me alive!She came to the door and shouted at me to stop acting like an old fool,and for me to hurry up and gather the eggs,and feed those chickens !
When I returned to the kitchen with the fresh eggs,she told me that I needed to stop reading all those horror stories and writing nonsense here in ourecho.lol lol and lol
Bob Mitchum