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A Lesson In History ?

Story ID:8828
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Let Me get this stright right from the beginning,I am neither advocating nor deploring the issue of gun control,I am neither pro nor against Mr. Obama nor the U.S.A. and this is not a political rant.It is however (in my limited capacity) an essay on the use and misuse of fire arms.
what did people use to kill and maim other people before guns and gun powder were invented?Well the answer to that is simple,they used and carried swords,dirks and daggers,they also as in the case of the Borgias,used poison,or so I was told by my 10th grade history teacher,but not ever knowing the Borgias personaly I unfortunately cannot actually with any conviction say that they actually ever poisoned anyone.
Wolves,although they suffer a less than perfect reputation,do not kill other wolves for sport nor profit,young male wolves are simply driven out of the pack to wander far away (and todays kids should take a lesson from this action)and start a pack of their own,that is how wolf civilization is perpetuated.
As for the killing and maiming of our own species,well we are almost unique in nature on that aspect,killing our own species has been around I suppose since the first ape (cave man for all you non darwinians) picked up the nearest rock and bashed his neighbor over the head with it in order to steal his food,fur or mate.
A few hundred years ago man used battering rams and catapaults to storm another mans castle,if you were lucky you stored up enough rocks,oil and food in case the enemy laid seige to your castle and you poured boiling oil over the heads of the enemy who were trying to get in and rob you of your food,fur or mates.My point in all of this diatribe?It dont take no guns to kill people,people will kill with what ever is available,that includes guns,knives,bombs or rocks
and by todays standards...killing your neighbor is against the law unless it is in self defense and even then I am assuming that you would have to appear in court to prove self defense.
But there are also other ways to kill,you can kill a peoples spirit,how? well you can cut off the elderly folks social security for one,that would go a long way in killing their spirit,it would stifle their independence,you can pass laws that make it impossible for a good man to make a living,thus killing his natural instincts and proclivity to earn a decent living and support his family,you can take his house,his car and money and put him on welfare and then raise prices on every thing making it even more difficult for him to survive in the modern world.So, whats left for him to do? Well,as I see it,He can either knuckle down to the government or he can go out and pick up a rock,a knife or a stick and rob his neighbor in order to have food for his family....or he can soak his mind in dope and not bother with the present situation.I believe that in Roman times or so the story goes, there was this dictator that played a fiddle as Rome burned and Roman Civilization fell,my question to you is...do you hear the fiddle music yet?
Bob Mitchum