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Uncle Fossill Fades away

Story ID:8830
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Uncle Fossill awoke one morning feeling like somthing was wrong,He couldent seem to remember what day it was,He stumbled into his tiney kitchen and sat down in the nearest chair he could find,Aunt Flossie Mae was already at the wood stove trying to kindle a fire in it to cook some breakfast,but try as she might,the fire just would not start!Uncle Fossill looked at the table and was startled to find out that he could almost see right through it! Flossie Mae he said,Ah reckon ima gonna has to go down yonder and talk to HIM!Aunt Flossie Mae looked a bit scared at this remark and asked Uncle Fossill if he was sure he wanted to do that ? yew know Fossill,thet could be dangerous talking to HIM! yep,said Uncle Fossill,but it has ter be did rite now! cause if'n I dont do sumpthin we is just gonna fade completly away an wont be nutthin fer any body to read bout ! and sides Flossie,hits HIS fault thet we is in this here corndition yew know!
Yep Fossill,said Aunt Flossie Mae,I reckon yew is rite bout thet!
So Uncle Fossill went down to Atlanta and into a rather small house on an unknown street and knocked at a rather unimposing door,a kindly looking older Gentleman answered,He said "Yes,may I help you sir? Uncle Fossill replied "dont yew ago sirrin me yew dadblamed idjit! dont you even remember who I am!? looky here Boy,said Uncle Fossill,yew better git on thet thar proverbial ball and git yore self ta writin bout me and Flossie Mae agin or we is jest gonna fade completely away,If'n you Author fellers dont write about us charecters thet you has created well we sorta jest fade away into nuthin and hits already a happening to me and flossie mae!ahhh said the kindly old gentleman,you are my Uncle Fossill charecter then ? haint thet whut i been a sayin all this here dadblamed time Boy?
Ok Uncle Fossill replied a much younger looking Gentleman (it was the same person,he just looked younger) I'll get right on it and see what I can come up with,you can go back home to Podunk Tennessee and not worry your self about fading away any more.
So Uncle Fossill went back to Podunk feeling a lot better and every thing was ok.
Bob Mitchum