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Crab's Corner-Domestic Violence Men Ludicrously Blaming Women

Story ID:8831
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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I watched a very interesting video on YouTube of a South African actress discussing her work to educate people and starting a movement against violence perpetrated against women and it was startling when she mentioned that in some cultures violence against women is accepted by them. India, the Middle East, South Africa, Mexico, she never mentioned it but in Brazil, beating your wife is acceptable and subject to no punishment.

After the interview I saw this other video and I had to stop it midway as the man doing the voice over was, as usual, trying to make domestic violence all about what men suffer and blaming women.

One of the sickening points of his trash was saying that women are more aggressive, and they really hurt men and that "hitting back" is considered self-defense. In short, trying to make a major woman problem into a man's problem and as usual I was outraged by this misogynist.

First off let's look at the differences between men and women. Size and strength. We've seen tall women who are basketball players. How many of them have male bodybuilder physiques? None. We've seen women tennis players and sprinters. They have muscle but they do a lot of running, jumping, and hitting a tennis ball. But none of them are comparable to Mr. Universe. Then you have women bodybuilders. Some are naturally muscular through a lot of hard work, and like men, other women bodybuilders no doubt use steroids that make Mr. Universe look like a 98lb. weakling. How many women bodybuilders do you hear slam men around? None. Is a woman on steroids as aggressive or more than a man? I don't know. Are women naturally aggressive? Provoke a woman enough, she is. If she's a bully, she's a bully because she was taught that's the way to behave just like a man.

How many women are actually taller then men? Few. How tall are men compared to women? Most.

Do women hit some men? Of course. How many very angry women who are medium-sized without weapons break mens' arms and jaws and put them in comas with her fists? None.

When a woman has a weapon in her hands then men are scared. Women do a lot more damage with a frying pan, a mop handle, a gun, a knife.

A woman without a weapon can't physically stop a man from leaving. There's a big difference between a man pushing a woman away from him and leaving, and slamming her repeatedly against a wall like a rag doll. No average-sized woman grabs a man by the throat and tosses him, I've never heard in all the so-called complaints by men trying to be more the victim of domestic violence saying of an average-sized woman "She grabbed me by the hair and pulled me all over the house!"

Women are expected to not brandish a weapon. Men don't need a weapon. He's got his height, a longer reach, he's heavier and his hands are naturally bigger. Compare an average-sized woman's fist to a man's and he wins.

The video, while blaming women for domestic violence against men, showed pictures of women with black eyes, blood coming out of their mouths, thrown to the floor, not one man was shown with injuries. Only one picture shown was of a man standing over her with his fists balled. The Russian billboard shown had two battered women. Where's the billboard with battered men with the same facial injuries? It doesn't exist. Where was the picture of a man with face beaten to a pulp hiding behind a closed bathroom door? Not one picture was up. Where was the picture of a man down and a woman big or small standing over him with her fists balled? Not one.

How many men who try to escape domestic abuse are knocked down on the ground and dragged by their hair back into the house kicking and screaming? Unless she's a tall muscular Amazon who has to expend more energy dragging him with both hands instead of one, none. How many men of domestic abuse lie in comas with her just using her hands against him? None.

How many women know enough about cars to render the car inoperable so he can't escape? Rarely will you find a woman who knows about cars.

How many women control his finances? None.

How many mens' shelters for domestic violence are there? None. With men trying to be more the domestic violence victim, you'd think they'd be screaming for domestic violence shelters for them. There're none.

How many restraining orders are there out against violent women compared to men? A lot fewer.

How many men of domestic violence have been beaten to death by a woman using only her hands devoid of a weapon? None.

To compare domestic violence of men against violent women is ludicrous. I'm not saying all women are soft and gentle. Only with a weapon are women more dangerous. For a violent woman to beat the crap out of a man without a weapon takes a lot more energy because she naturally doesn't have his strength no matter how angry she is.

Domestic violence was invented by men. Men who complain about domestic violence at the hands of their women, are angry when they get back exactly what they give.