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Living On City Streets

Story ID:8834
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Living on City Streets
walking n the rain
sleeping under a River Bridge
with lonliness and pain.
Drinking from a Tin Can
carrying my clothes in a sack
got the weight of this world
heavy on my back.
Traveling on the Back Streets
keeping out of sight,
got to find a place to sleep
on this cold wet night.
No one to mourn me if I die
every body puts me down
but thats just life on the streets
in this cold hearted town.
Try to beg food at the Church,
Priest says they are broke,
I'll sleep hungry this cold night
Life sure aint no joke.
Guess I'll go down to the Station
ask the cops to put me in jail
and get a warm place to flop
Life on the street is hell.