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Uncle Fossill And The Marriage Of Figaroy

Story ID:8837
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Uncle Fossill called me the other day and invited me to come up for a party,it seems that his Cousin was getting married after 30 years of bachelorhood and had asked Uncle Fossill if he would let him have a sort of coming out/Bachelor party at his cabin as it was so much larger than his own.
When I arrived I found all the Ladies of Podunk there and busy making cucumber sandwiches and canapes to serve to the prospective Bride who was expected momentarily,as I was speaking to Uncle Fossill,a big black 1940's ford coupe rolled up into the driveway and the chuffeur helped a little old lady out of it,all the ladies of Podunk were suddenly busy in the kitchen and so Uncle Fossill went to the door to greet her and to welcome the Bride into His home.As the Chuffeur helped her to the door Uncle Fossill said with wide open arms,"Welcome to my home miss Mcgillbrow,any Bride of My Cousin is a friend of ours! Uh well said the Old Lady,I am...We know who yee air,c,mone in and make yerself ta home!
The Little old Lady with the aid Of Cousin Figaroy came on in and sat down,I like almost everyone there thought that the Old Lady was just too old for Cousin Figaroy but of course no one would SAY that! all the ladies of Podunk were quiet and no one said much,untill Aunt Flossie Mae got up and banged on the table and shouted that she would now like to have Miss Mcgillibrow to come to the front of the room,again the Little old lady hobbled up to the front of the room and Aunt Flossie Mae said "Miss Mcgillibrow,We would like to welcome you into the Fossill clan and welcome you to our family,wait a second said the Little Old Lady,I am not the Bride,I am the Brides GrandMother!