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The Camping Trip (a true story,sort of )

Story ID:8845
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Once,when I was very young,and after reading a lot of books like "Silver Chief,Dog Of The North" and "The Call Of The Wild" I decided that I was an Outdoorsman and as such I should go out into the great woods (we lived on 140 acres of mostly wooded land in Alabama,so I gather up some matches,frying pan,quilt and a couple of eggs from the barn,called my dogs (at least 5 of them) and off I go on the great adventure of (or so I thought)my life,I went about 100 yards into the rather densely wooded area across the creek,found a very nice place to build my camp fire and set up my "camp" gathered up some firewood and built a nice fire and settled down for the night,at some point during the night I was awakened by the my dogs growling,I observed said dogs all in a circle facing outward,each in a different direction with hackles raised,and I must admit here that if I had happened to have had some hackles I am sure they would have been raised also,hhmmm I thought to myself,is this a good idea to be in these woods at night alone?I sat there in the dark with only the small glow of the embers of the dying camp fire watching the dogs as they sniffed the air with raised noses and stalking around the camp fire as only a dog can do.
Suddenly all 5 dogs decided that they would rather be at home sleeping in the barn than out here in the great woods with only a very small man child at night with "wild things " so off they ran,as for me? I beat the dogs home that night.I dont think I ever went "camping" again untill I attained the age of 15 and then only with friends.
Bob Mitchum