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Another (sort of )True Story

Story ID:8848
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Once,when I was still very young,I decided that my parents did not love me as much as they should and I decided that I would be happier living with my Grand Mother near where a number of my Cousins lived,most of which were my age or a year or two older.I lived out in Russell County Alabama and My Grand Mother lived in Columbus Georgia,a distance of at least 30 miles away.I wrote my parents a note telling them that I was running away and where I was going,I walked out of my House at about 2:30 that after noon and immediately got a ride with some neighbors who happen to be going to town,after reaching Columbus,They let me out on Broad street and I remembered how to almost get to my GrandMothers House but became confused as to which turn to take to get there,so about 5:30 I decided that being home would be better than walking these now almost unknown streets.At dusk I was crossing the Dillingham Street Bridge with 12 or 15 miles to go,by dark I was just getting to the top of the first hill on Sandfort Road,now darkness had set in proper.As I came to the wooded area on this road,I fancied that I could hear some animal keeping pace with me but out of sight in the trees,it scruffled in the leaves and if I stopped to listen it would stop just seconds after I did.I thought once or twice that I could see lots of gleeming eyes peering at me out of that mysterious dark forest.Some where I had picked up a stick and I began thumping it in time with my steps,not to frighten what ever it was I thought might be following me but just to hear a noise other than my frightend breathing as I walked.The part of my journey that I was really dreading was when I had to pass an old cemetary that I knew to be about 2 miles up the road from my home,I could just picture a skeletal shape standing out there in the dark,or some glowing form from the nether realms calling my name,yes I really was scared,but I kept walking,whisteling and thumping my stick and dreading having to pass that old cemetary.
Finally a Car came over the hill with it's lights lighting up the road,as it passed it's break lights came on,I stopped dead in my tracks,I did not want to get in a strange car in the darkness,the door opened on the passenger side and a familiar voice called out Bobby! get in this car Boy!! I t was My Mothers voice and I was never as glad to hear it as I was at that moment,after the questions of who,what,where and why were answered,my Mom asked if I had been scared walking in the dark like that.I told her about my great fear of passing that Old Cemetary and she said why Bob,you had already passed it a mile up the road.She also said it might have been some bodies old hunting dogs following me that night,but she looked a bit doubtful to me even at my young age.
Bob Mitchum