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Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Anywhere All states USA
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By Fred Wickert

I am fed up. I am fed up with the President. I am fed up with the Congress and I am fed up with the news media. I am also fed up with the American people.

The so called Sequester was the last straw. I can't take it any more. The President went into campaign mode over the sequester. He blatantly told one lie after another, and he did it with a straight face. He should have been overwhelmed with shame for what he was doing, but he wasn't. He never had a twinge of conscience at all, and he still doesn't.

The sequester was President Obama's idea in budget negotiations the year before. During the debates before the election, when Mitt Romney brought it up, he said the Sequester was not going to happen. Now that it has happened he blames it all on the Republicans as if it were their idea and their doing. It wasn't. It was his idea and his doing.

The prominent Democrats talk about the sequester as the greatest tragedy of the century, and of course, it is all the Republicans fault.

Now the sequester has become law and has taken effect. All kinds of madness is going on. There are thousands of federal prisoners being released. No one wants to accept responsibility for it. INS says Homeland Security is to blame. Homeland Security says the White House is to blame. The White House says INS is to blame, but all agree it was made necessary by the Sequester.

The President is ordering all kinds of cuts. He closed visitor tours to the White House. He blamed it on the Sequester and said the Secret Service did it. The Secret Service says only the White House has that authority and they didn't do it. Several people offered to privately fund it to keep the tours open. The White House has refused the offers. The really strange part of it is the tour guides are all volunteers and did it without pay, but the reason given to stop the tours is there are no funds due to the Sequester.

All over the country people are being laid off, furloughed and so on. Border patrol is being cut, the military is having big cuts, FBI, Secret Service and Border Patrol are all being furloughed. Every where you turn things are being blamed on the Sequester. Air Port delays and control tower operator shortages are being blamed on the Sequester. The President, Senator Harry Reid, Senator Chuck Schumer, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and others are claiming lay offs of school teachers, police officers, fire fighters, etc. are all going to happen because of the Sequester. To hear them tell it, the entire nation is going to collapse because of the Sequester.

The news media, who have the responsibility of reporting all the news and reporting the truth in an unbiased manner, who are supposed to inform the nation truthfully, fully and without bias, have become for the most part, to President Obama and the Democrat party, just as Pravda was to the Soviet Union. They no longer report the news. More than 80% of them are just a propaganda arm for Obama and the Democrats. To get truthful and factual news about the USA we have to go to foreign news services.

All of this stuff being blamed on the Sequester is nothing but a big fat lie. To begin with, teachers, police officers and fire fighters are paid for locally. They are not part of the federal budget at all. Sequester has nothing to do with them.
We have all the money we had to operate with in every part of the government operation. There was planned to be an extra 15% given to use this year over last years budget. All the Sequester has done, is to reduce that 15% to 12 and a half percent. The government is still getting twelve and a half percent more money to operate with than they had last year. That means that anything they were able to do last year, they can do this year and have twelve and a half percent more money to do it with than they had last year. That means that nothing at all has to be cut because of the Sequester. The whole darned thing is one great big con game on the American people. This con is being pushed by the President, the Democrats and the news media as willing accomplices.

The Republican party in Congress does little or nothing about it. On the Senate side we have a former
fighter pilot and Vietnam war POW who was the Republican Presidential candidate running against Obama the first time, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham and other Rhinos that are making it difficult to remember they are not Democrats. The people in frustration sent Tea Party candidates to express the will of the people, and these old Rhinos push them down and do all they can to squash them, and yet they are the ones expressing the will of the people. On the House side it is no better. John Boehner is the weakest Speaker of the House I have ever seen and not only caves in on issue after issue, but he also strips committee memberships and puts down in any way he can the younger Tea Party candidates who are trying hard to do the will of the people. The Republican leadership in Congress is useless.

The American people also have me fed up. They sit there, half of them, on the government dole. I know and have seen some of these people who have lost their jobs. They draw unemployment insurance and get food stamps for two years. Two weeks before their unemployment insurance is due to expire, they begin looking for work. Until then they make little or no effort to find a job. Some of them do work under the table and draw unemployment benefits and food stamps at the same time. They are paid under the table. No income tax is reported, no Social Security tax is reported. I consider these people no better than a thief. They are stealing from the hard working, tax paying citizen.

At the same time all this stuff is going on, with the approval rating of Congress at 10% or lower, we sit there and do nothing about it. We let them get away with it. The people have turned in to a bunch of zombies. They do nothing. They are apathetic to it all. Our freedoms and liberties over the past few years have been going down the drain with barely a protest.

At both Federal and State levels, legislators are pushing through stuff in the middle of the night that they know the people do not want. These things are hundreds, if not thousands of pages long. The legislators have not had time to read these things. They don't know for sure what is in it. It doesn't matter. They are pushed through and signed. No one has read them, no one has any idea what is in them, they have never been debated and yet they are put up for a vote and passed and signed. Often this is done in the middle of the night so nobody will know about it until it is to late. Governor Andrew Cuomo did this recently in New York State with an outrageous anti-gun law. They secretly write these bills and get them ready. Then they wait for a tragedy to happen that gets emotions raging high and brains out of gear. When it happens, they take the bill off the shelf and push it through in the middle of the night. Obama used the tactics of shameless bribery and black mail to get the Obama Care bill passed. They stoop to whatever it takes.

The latest has been anti gun legislation. I have already mentioned the one in New York State. It has happened in about three others since. The one in New York is being challenged in the courts. The United States Senate tried it too, and it failed. When it did, a petulant sore loser President made a shameful speech at a news conference. He lost and he couldn't take it so he almost cried over it. As usual, in his speech he lied like a rug. Nothing in New York's outrageous and unconstitutional new law and nothing in the Fedral law that was defeated in the Senate, would have done anything at all to save one life. Nothing in either of those laws could have prevented what happened in Connecticut. All any of these laws do is punish law abiding citizens. Not one bit of effort has been made to stop people with mental problems from being at large with a gun. All of these major tragedies have involved people with mental problems who most of the time have obtained guns legally, or in some cases, have stolen them. They never look at history. History shows that taking guns away from the people makes the crime and murder rates climb. Letting the people have guns does just the opposite. Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, but it is the murder capital of the USA. Places with little or no gun laws around the country have the smallest number of murders, rapes, burglaries and so on.

Gun laws have only one real and true purpose. That is to take away as many guns as possible, and to know who has the rest of them and know where they are. This gives government more power. That is the only true reason for making these gun laws. No country in the world has ever been taken over without first taking guns out of the hands of the citizenry. Guns do not kill people. People do. In the media you always hear about somebody getting killed with a gun. Every day just about, someone in this country stops a crime from being committed or successfully defends themselves or someone else with a gun. Isn't it strange that you never hear about those? That does not fit the agenda of the media.

The people let it go. They never rise up and demand the media give them all the news in an honest and unbiased manner. Unfortunately there are millions of Americans who believe everything they hear in the news. They do not believe the media could ever be dishonest. They swallow all the propaganda hook, line and sinker.

I for one have had it. I am fed up! Now we have the terrorist bombing in Boston. The government and the media insist it was just the two brothers. No one else was involved. One brother was killed. The media keeps reporting he was killed in a gun fight. Not true. He was taken into custody and was on the ground with police attempting to cuff him when the younger brother ran over him with a Mercedes SUV and he died from those injuries. He did not die from police gun fire as reported. He died from injuries received from being run over by his brother. Of course no mention at all of the police officer trying to cuff him who narrowly escaped being run over too. Then there are reports of a few complaints of excessive use of force on the part of the police. You have got to be kidding me! How stupid can some people be?

As soon as the younger brother began talking in the hospital our Attorney General Eric Holder rushed a federal judge in to the hospital room to arraign him and read him his Miranda Warning and appoint him an attorney who told him to shut up. Why? He had just begun talking to the FBI and cooperating. It is noted here that Eric Holder before becoming AG worked in a law firm that defended more terrorists than any other. Most of the prisoners at Guantanamo are being represented by Eric Holders former law firm and he himself was defending them before he was appointed to be the AG by President Obama. The authorities and the media are reporting they acted alone. No one else was involved. Of course Eric Holder is still defending even as AG. He ordered that Black Panthers could not be prosecuted and all charges dropped for intimidating voters in Philidelphia with billy clubs.

I say baloney. To begin with, the younger brother was a college student. The other had no job and traveled to Russia to see his father for six months and then returned. He had no job. Neither of them had any visible means of support. One drove a Porsche and the other drove a Mercedes. They bought the components of the bombs. Pressure cookers are not cheap. Radio control mechanism from toys were used to detonate the bombs. Radio controlled toys are not cheap either. These guys were living large. Somebody was providing funding for them. It has been said the radio control device detonators are not taught on the internet. How and where did they learn that? Somebody had to be helping them. Acted alone? Baloney.

Now we have had air port delays around the country every place except Washington D.C. The Sequester is to blame they say. Control Tower operators had to be furloughed. Congress had to pass legislation allowing the FAA to save the money elsewhere. All this is phoney baloney ordered by the White House. None of it is necessary. They have twelve and a half percent more money now than they did last year. There is no reason to lay off or furlough anybody because of the Sequester. It is all being done for reasons of politics. Besides the President made speech after speech that these things were going to happen so now it must happen to cover up for his lies.

The people, the press, the congress and the Republicans are letting them get away with it with barely a squawk. A few talk show hosts talk about it all the time, but nobody is listening and nobody is doing anything about it. Why wouldn't I be fed up? Every day I watch my beloved country lose government by of and for the people. The people don't matter any more. The Constitution doesn't matter any more.

Now only the government and those who run it matter. You will be told what you can and cannot do. You will be told how much and how big a soda you can drink. What kind of food and how much you can eat. You will be told what property you can buy and what you will be allowed to do with it. You will not be allowed to pray in public if you are a Jew or a Christian but if you are a Muslim in certain places streets will be blocked from all traffic so you can pray in the street. If you are a 90 plus year old grandma in a wheel chair you will be strip searched at the air port before you can board a plane but if you are a Muslim dressed in robes and a Burhka you can go right through. We must never profile you see.

It goes on and on and on. I for one am fed up. The way it looks to me, we are rapidly losing our freedom and our liberty and we are also losing Justice for All. No more freedom, no more liberty, and justice only if Eric Holder thinks you deserve it.

Is anybody else fed up? Or is it just me? Oh yes, what is being done with all that money that is being saved with all these cuts in the name of the Sequester? Where is that going? Nobody is saying and as far as I know nobody is asking. Why not? Do we not have a right to know?

I could go on and on but I won't. I'm sure you get the idea by now. If you don't you are one of the public I was talking about with their head in the sand.

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