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The AKC and Puppy Mills

Story ID:8863
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:various various USA
Person:The HSUS
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Even though I have never been a fan of the American Kennel
Club, I was shocked to find out how little they really care
about dogs. To say they are the "dog's champion" as they
so hypocritically claim is far from the truth. The Humane
Society of the US warned us recently that they found them to
be promoters of the puppy mills. Yes, unbelievably true.
I'm so glad that this news is finally out, and that this week
Jeff Rossen of the Today show did a great job of putting their
representative on the hot seat when he interviewed her
about their connection to puppy mills.

He wanted to know why they put their seal of approval on puppy
mills where the dogs who breed the puppies live in horrible
conditions. And certainly some of the puppies bred there are
not healthy as a result. He wanted to know how only 9
inspectors nationwide can manage to inspect all the puppy
mills and give them all a seal of approval without probably
inspecting them. I thought she squirmed in her seat trying
to defend their outrageous policies, and if so, I believe
the third degree questioning was justified.

I didn't feel sorry for her or the other members of this
"elitist" club. I felt sorry for all the dogs in these cruel
puppy mills which this organization backs and promotes by
giving them their AKC seal of approval. People have been
duped into believing that this seal means that they are
getting healthy dogs from reputable and humane breeders.
Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth.

If you belong to the HSUS, you have seen pictures and videos
of their rescues of some of the dogs from these horrible puppy
mills. For a long time now people who care about animals have
been warned not to buy puppies from pet shops or on the internet.
I even remember reading about not buying puppies from pet
shops in the 80's, and this was over 30 years ago. How sad that
information such as this takes so long to get to the public.
Most people were not aware of puppy mills then, and its seems
many are still ignorant today.

As per the HSUS - not only does the AKC support puppy mills, but
unbelievably, for the past 5 years they have been OPPOSING 90
state and local bills which sought to establish some minimum
humane breeding standards. I found this information shocking.

Well, now the word is getting out about the policies of the AKC
and the HSUS notes that the sale of dogs in pet stores has been
declining as a result of their investigations, consumer education,
and policy reforms. PetSmart and Petco no longer sell dogs from
breeders and instead are promoting adoption from shelters and
rescues. And over 2.000 independent pet store owners have signed
the HSUS pledge to not sell puppies.

I was also glad to learn that some of the largest internet sites
are making compassionate changes as well. Facebook prohibits
advertisements for puppies and eBay displays a warning about
on line puppy sales and links users to the HSUS' information re
puppy mills. And hopefully, a final rule will be approved from
the Obama administration which will bring internet sellers of
puppies under the regulatory authority of the US Department of
Agriculture where they will have to meet minimum animal care
standards under the federal Animal Welfare Act.

As for the dog shows, I often wondered if they were a form of
exploitation for the dogs. Well, now they have more to worry
about then my concerns. I knew nothing before about their
hypocrisy re dog welfare claims, and certainly this expose
may well change the way others will look on their shows as

At any rate, I've had my own dog show over the last 30 years and
my special pedigree: MUTTS. All seven were rescues except for
my first puppy Peaches who was a Miniature Collie Mix. She and
the others all were very beautiful and special to me. I also enjoyed
recognizing the pedigree in each of them: Muffin, Patti, and Angel-
Shepherd mixes; Shana- Chow mix; Casey- Samoyed mix; and Tina-
Chihuahua mix.

As for the AKC - one time I thought it would be great if our
beloved white shepherd dogs of Slovakia would be featured on their
show. Now, I'm glad they weren't. I would not have liked seeing
a puppy mill specializing in our white "Cuvac" (Chuvach) dogs.
Presently, there are only 8 of them in the US, and they make their
home in Texas.