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Whose the Real Predator?

Story ID:8874
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:various Wisconsin USA
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I remember that in the 80's we tried unsucessfully to ban the
cruel leg-hold traps in Ohio. Of course, other states were
using them as well, and I doubt that they had more success in
banning them then did we.

In this week's Care2 Causes there was a picture of a wolf with
mouth wide open in pain because he had stepped into a trap.
Can you believe that a trapper in New Jersey during the 80's
when their use was being questioned, claimed they were not
painful or cruel and should not be outlawed. To prove his
point, he let one be sprung on his arm or leg. If I remember
correctly, he then sang a different tune.

This past week on the Dr. Martin TV program, Dr. Martin strained
to release someone's leg from a leghold trap to only have it sprung
on him. The faces of both victims registered the awful pain they
experienced from it, and certainly the pain is no different for
animals. This is a cruel tool which should be outlawed as well
as the new war on wolves.

Both Michigan and Wisconsin have declared WAR ON WOLVES. The
article said that in Wisconsin the brutal hunt/trap season for
wolves was to have begun in October 2012. The hunt would be
carried out at night and per this post .."would include using
hoards of blood hounds to stalk, single out, and surround a
terrified wolf, as his descendents prepare to rip him apart!...
Truly a Draconian horror tale." I agree. No people with an
ounce of compassion would involve themselves in this type of

There had not been a wolf hunt in Wisconsin in over 40 years.
The wolves had become accustomed to living peacefully with
humans. Did the hunt go ahead despite protests? I believe so.
I hope I am wrong.

Another horrifying sight on CARE 2 - HUMANS WEARING WOLVES.
There is a picture of a man posing in front of a mirror admiring
himself wearing the whole white wolf skin pelt including the
head which almost completely covers him. There is no beauty in
this type of vanity because as someone had said years ago -
the fur coat always looks best on its original owner.

And sadly, there was also a picture of Lady Gaga either wearing
a white wolf skin with the head or having this pelt attached to her
in some way in one of her numbers. Personally, in my opinion, this
act shows she is no lady. A true lady is kind and compassionate.
She obviously was more interested in shock value rather than being
concerned with the suffering of the wolf she used so shamelessly.

I have a feeling that not all of her audience was impressed with
this shameful disregard for one of God's creatures. I first saw
her perform on an Ellen DeGeneris show a few years ago. I am pretty
certain now that she will not get a request for a return engagement
on Ellen's show because Ellen cares about animals.

At this site was also a poll asking if it is wrong for wolf killers
to create justification for brutally killing wolves to sell their
pelts to make coats, hats, rugs.

The Poll:

Yes, it is always wrong! Wolves and all other animals should keep
their own skin. 80%

It is wrong unless you are a cave person in winter, and the wolf
died of natural causes. 17%

Wolf and wildlife fur turn me on--I can't live without it! Makes
furriers wildly rich via the suffering of wildlife. 3%

I also always enjoy reading the comments which follow as I imagine
many of you do as well. Here are a few:

CAROL -"Anyone who wears any animal's fur is a vain, sick, egotist
and as far as I'm concerned, they are not only covered in the animal's
fur, they are covered in the animal's blood."

CRISTIN -"I can't even believe there is a debate about this (poll).
To be supposedly empathetic creatures, humans have completely
forgotten how to feel sympathetic for anything other then themselves."

LINDA -"Have you heard the saying -What goes around comes around?
Here's hoping it comes true for the so-called humans. Much of the
time the animals are still alive when this heinous crime was
committed. (skinning)

Someone also warned us who don't want to buy real fur, that even
the faux fur is often times real fur. Check on the internet on
how to tell the difference. I personally don't even want to buy
faux fur which is only a reminder of what we do to the animals
because of our vanity.