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A Very Special Great Dane

Story ID:8880
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Kansas City Missouri USA
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I don't cry as easily as my older sister Anna, but then we
are both soft-hearted. I think to myself, wish that more
people were like us.

I just saw a despicable ad on the internet from some gun
proponents - either selling or touting a chart of a scantily
clad woman with the message - shoot your ex-girlfriend and
she will bleed.

Yes, there are all kinds of people in this world. Sadly,
the account which I am about to relate brought both happy
and sad tears to my eyes. It reveals both the good and bad
in human nature, and not surprisingly -the beauty and good
in dog nature.

I received this post from the Examiner today. It starts with
an abusive relationship where the woman's Great Dane becomes
her hero.

Sadly, it seems the boyfriend had an abusive streak, and for
whatever reason, one day he began beating his girlfriend with
both ends of a hammer. Whether they owned the Great Dane
together I don't know, but he reacted courageously by jumping
into the fray and laid himself across the woman- absorbing
most of the blows.

If anybody doesn't feel that animals are intelligent and can
be compassionate and courageous, this story should enlighten
them. Finally, the man threw both of them out a second-story
window. What a gem.

The dog's injuries were severe, and included a broken hip, ribs,
and other broken bones.

Taken to the woman's shelter in Kansas City -Susan Miller, the
center's chief executive officer acknowedged that the Great
Dane had saved the woman's life, but that the shelter did not
accept pets.

This beautiful victim, however, would not abandon her heroic
friend who showed he was much more then just a "pet." If they
would not take him in, she obviously had to look elsewhere, but
she knew in her heart that this beautiful Great Dane would never
again live under the same roof as their abuser.

The shelter relented and realized the woman's life was in danger,
and they would make an exception for her heroic dog.

The stats are not encouraging wherever a pet resides in an abusive
situation. Per Miller "Forty percent of the women will not leave
their pets, so they live in their cars or they stay. They risk
their own life or the life of their children."

One woman would not dessert her pet and lived with him in her
car for four months while waiting to find a pet-friendly shelter.

Well, this Great Dane not only saved his owner, but was the much
needed catalyst to make the Rose Brook Shelter add a pet-friendly
wing which would provide for those individuals with pets who need
to bring their pets with them. They also realized that children
are happier when the pets are allowed to remain with them.

So Rose Books added seven kennels and a tail and pet-friendly
play area. They have become the first shelter in the area to
accept pets. I hope they won't be the last.

Sadly, I doubt that other states have any such compassionate and
much needed provisions for women and their children to bring their
pets with them. I'm almost certain Ohio does not have any such
much needed provisions.

Years ago my niece Vicky worked in a woman's shelter and she
asked me if she could bring a mother cat and her two kittens to
my house. She said the shelter told her to take them to an animal
shelter. I could not help thinking- where was their compassion?
Doesn't a homeless mother cat need shelter too?

Vicki knew full well what would happen to the mother cat and her
kittens in a shelter. In the 90's many of the shelter dogs and
cats would be snapped up by research hospitals by virtue of the
terrible and unjust Pound Seizure law which allowed them to do
this. Thankfully, most states have dropped this archaic and cruel
law. The thought of the Cleveland Clinic's animal research floor
which a Cleveland inspector had told me he had seen- never made me
feel good about the clinic.

Slowly but surely, using animals in research is proving to be the
bust it has always been. I recently read that the mouse protocul
now reveals serious defects to research results because their bodily
systems are significantly different than ours - therefore making
observations and deductions completely useless to our medical needs.
Millions of mice sacrificed on the high altar of animal research
for nothing.

Yes, people including some knowledgeable doctors have been telling
the Institute of Health about this useless protocul using animals,
but they and Congress refused to listen. Finally, there is hope
that animals will not be used so cruelly as they have been for so
many, many years by the biomedical community.

Re the mother cat and her kittens, yes, I told Vicki to bring them
over. So Heather, Martin, and Friskie joined my growing animal
rescue family. Sadly, they are all gone now-including my niece
Vicky, but they will never be forgotten. This will surely bring
more tears to my sister's eyes because Vicky was her daughter.