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A Requiem for Wolf 527

Story ID:8890
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:- Montana USA
Person:Wolf 527
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This morning I read some lovely thoughts about sincerity in an
old Magnificat - a wonderful liturgical booklet many of us
use daily at liturgy. Today I spent time reading a reflection
on SINCERITY by Louis Lavelle. I thought it fit in perfectly
re my tribute to Wolf 527.

Among Lavelle's worthwhile thoughts on sincerity - these two
were expecially poignant for me. "Sincerity liberates us from
every preoccupation with public opinion or with the effect we
are producing. Sincerity challenges all the voices which call
to me from without, and commands me to descend into my heart's


So despite the general indifference of many people re the
importance of wolves in general and of Wolf 527's life in
particular this is written for people who respect all life.
I thought it beautiful and appropriate that her life was
eulogized by Linda Camac on Facebook. I make no apologies
for caring for the life of this special wolf or any wolf for
that matter. I read so many times in my Liturgy of the Hours
prayer book which is based on scripture that God cares for
all His creatures. The sad question is- why don't we?

As we know- humans are not all created equally. Some of us will
distinguish ourselves with doing great things. But the majority
of us will basically live our everyday lives just trying to lead
good and productive lives, and that should makes us happy and

So with the wolves- they are not all the same. Wolf 527 was
special, and she was recognized as being brave and intelligent.
This alpha wolf of the Cottonwood Pack in Yellowstone stood out
from the rest of the pack because she was more cautious than
most and employed unusual strategies others did not seem to
have in order to avoid dangers.

I'm not sure why the wolves were tracked but some wolves were
and each was given a number. Some were collared as was she.
Yet despite the collar, she always managed to elude being found.

Wolf 527 was born the daughter of 21 and 42 of the famed Druid
Pack. In time she struck out on her own with female sibling 217.
In 2007 a male found in her the qualities he was searching for
and she became the alpha of this pack and a very protective mother
as well. Yesterday was Mother's Day and wolves are mothers too.
The people who shot her didn't care that she was a mother.

Linda Camac tells us here the disheartening last chapter of her

"The day came in 2009 when all of her experience and her strategies
could not save her as she and nine other wolves were shot dead
in the back country of Montana- just outside the boundary of
Yellowstone National Park. In one blind, thoughtless moment of
senseless violence, the light of great Wolf 527 went out for all
time. All hoped that 527 would not die in vain and that the
wolves of Yellowstone would be further protected -- but in
actuality, they are more at risk today than in 2009. To Wolf
527 -- the world is better because you were here...."

Thank you Linda for eulogizing Wolf 527. She loved her life
just as much as we love our own because God put that desire in all
animals. How sad that we only think of ourselves.

Linda also posted a beautiful picture of Oliver Starr and Aqutaq,
his beautiful white and gentle wolf on Facebook. She writes that
Starr shares his life with Aqutaq in a life mission of education
and telling the truth about wolves. Starr is knowledgeable about
them and is an eloquent public speaker. Together they are a force
for saving the wolf. You can follow them both on twitter -
@wolfwlkr if you believe that the story of wolves is important
to you.


"This we know: the earth does not belong to man; man belongs to
the earth. All things are connected like blood that unites us all.
Man did not weave the web of life. He is merely a strand in it.
whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."