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MST (Military Sexual Trauma)

Story ID:8909
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
Person:Men And Women of the Armed Services Of the U.S.A.
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Consider this,in the Military if you are sexually assaulted there are no 911 numbers to call,no police will come to your aid,in most cases you are all alone with no family members to aid you,the people that are supposed to protect you are in all liklihood,the perpetrators and if you do report it then you will most likely be held up as a criminal,and discharged with a personality disorder (which prevents you from recieving veterans benefits)You are left to bare your shame,confusion,guilt and hurt all alone.If you do report it you will get no medals for bravery,you will not be congratulated for coming foreward you will be ostracized by your peers and considered a trouble maker,you will still have to face your assaulter in your every day performance of your military duty and most likely he or she will maybe just be transferred to another duty station with a slap on the wrist and a promotion.As horrible (to me) as all this sounds,thats what our men and women face in todays military service.After your discharge,if you are lucky enough to get an honorable discharge,and you decide to go to your local va regional office to file a claim for benefits because you have struggled with your mental problems for years now and can go no further,you will be called a liar,a malingerer,Gay and they will tell you that there is "no evidence in your records to support the "ALLEDGED " incident and your claim will be denied.
Granted,there have been recent improvements on that story that I have just related,there have been a lot of recent meetings with the President and His Generals precisely on this subject,but from experience I can reasonably assume that nothing will be accomplished and 40 years from now the Military,The U.S Government,Pentagon and Congress will still be feeding the victims their empty rhetoric on what will be done to curb this crime in the military.
My questions to all of you is...How Long will the American Public let their sons and daughters go to war and face the probability of being sexually assaulted? When will the whole of America stand up and shout ENOUGH! When will we as victims NOT stand alone?
Bob Mitchum