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Horse Tripping in Oregon

Story ID:8924
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:? Oregon USA
Person:Adam Fahnestock
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From Care2 this morning- another sad incidence of animal
cruelty- HORSE TRIPPING in Oregon. I am surprised that
Oregon legislators have not outlawed such a cruel, barbaric
bit of "Americana." Yes, my alluding to this act as a bit
of Americana is pure sarcasm. How can anything so cruel be
accepted as something to be proud of and being truly
representative of America?

I have to look up Oregon re their status rating on animal
welfare put out by the Animal Legal Defense. I had previously
thought that Oregon fared well in this regard. Maybe I am
wrong, and certainly this new information does not bode well
for their lack of compassion in allowing such cruelty.

I am so glad that I have not grown up in a state which
glorifies using animals in rodeos, though I doubt that any
state is perfect in this regard. Sadly, there are people
who participate in rodeos, and there are those who pay to
watch calves and horses often terribly hurt in them and think
this is entertainment. I guess these people are not much
different from the early Romans who watched gladiators fight
to the death or those who witnessed the early Christians
being mauled to death by hungry lions.

I am always saddened when rodeos come to Cleveland. So, we
are much like Oregon spectators - finding pleasure in seeing
animals suffer -as they inevitably will.

One year I wrote Cavs owner Gilbert who rents out his arena
for the rodeo to please stop. I mentioned the inherent cruelties
associated with it. The only kind thing from him was a response,
but of course, it was not one that I had hoped for. I don't
remember it exactly, but it was a justification for bringing the
rodeo to Cleveland.

So obviously, some Ohioans aren't fazed or disturbed either by
the inevitable cruelty they will see at a rodeo. For one-
watching calves running for their lives from the men on swift
horses who would catch them and lasso their legs -bringing
their small bodies crashing down - often causing serious injury
to them and ALWAYS PAIN.

So when I read about HORSE TRIPPING in Oregon, I was horrified.
And then even disgusted to read that the compassionate videotaper
from SHARK (Showing Animals Repect and Kindness) was arrested
at the Jordan Valley Big Loop Rodeo in Oregon for videotaping
the horse tripping event.

You have to wonder about what freedoms are left in America, when
we can't even videotape events. Of course, this was not a benevolent
scene from our prospective, but if the promoters saw nothing wrong
with horse tripping, then why did they have him arrested?

There are two versions of the arrest - one in which Shark volunteer
Adam Fahnestock was told to stop videotaping, and when refusing
to do so -the deputy took the camera and proceeded to try and
handcuff him. Fahnestock supposedly then pulled away and tried
to grab his camera.

Not surprisingly, there is SHARK's version which, of course, I
accepted in a heart beat. It is- "that after a brief conversation,
the deputy suddenly grabbed Fahnestock and threw him violently
to the ground where rodeo personnel then also set upon him."

Ironically, this version of what happened to Fahnestock was a
small likeness to what happened to the horses he came to videotape
where they are roped by the neck and legs while running and which
forces them to violently fall face-first to the ground. Another
example which proves that people who are cruel to animals are
also often cruel to people. I believe that Fahnestock was badly
treated- as of course, were the poor horses he came to videotape.

Re the cruelty of horse tripping, the pictures showed at Alicia
Graef's Care2 post showed some of their cruel suffering. There is
also a videotape there as well for those who want to view it. On
the internet click "Man Arrested for Videotaping Rodeo Cruelty in

I wondered where this videotape came from. Was it returned to
Fahnestock at some point or was there another videotaper at the
event as well?

Even though my childhood memory of falling while roller skating is
trite in comparison, it's too bad the callous viewers could not
at least conjure up remembrances such as mine and feel compassion
and disgust at viewing such cruelty.

Besides being shaken by the fall, I skinned my knee, and it hurt
enough to bring tears to my eyes. How much more hurtful would
it have been if both my legs had been tripped and I fell face
down on the hard cement.

Also another memory of a fall -this time as an adult came to me
when my rambunctious dog Pattie undercut me as I was heading
toward my garage. This precipated another crashing fall, and this
time my knees were spared but not the side of my head. It hurt
enough to also bring tears to my eyes. So, it is not too hard
for me to "feel" just a tiny bit the pain these poor horses
suffered at this cruel Oregon event at the hands of man.

How sad it seems to me that these people never give even the
slightest thought to the pain and suffering they are causing
these often gentle, trusting horses. And how sad that people pay
money to come and see these horses being roped by the neck and
legs while they're running - forcing them to violently fall
face-first to the ground. Many of us can "feel" their suffering.
Why can't they?

There is also a petition at the Care2 site asking Oregon's lawmakers
to ban this barbaric event. Thanx, Alicia Graef, for bringing this
horror to our attention.

And finally, an excellent comment from the Care2 site written by
Alexander K.:

"This incident is a demonstration of the depravity of our "enlightened"
society where those entrusted with protecting society from wrong doers
actually side with them and punish those who want to expose these acts.
It is no wonder that the fabric of society is disintegrating at an
alarming rate. We need to tell legislators to do the job we elected
them for and ban barbaric practices, be they against defenseless
animals or humans."

Thank you Alexander - your thoughts are insightful and true. I
gave you a green star, and I imagine you received many more. (Green
stars are given to comments we like on Care2 posts.)