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Was It a Reflection?

Story ID:8946
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA. USA
Person:Pvt. Monte Manka
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Was It a Reflection?

Was It a Reflection?

Awoke this morning
While preparing for the day
Stared into the mirror
Expecting to see a man with hair of gray

What did I see?
I saw a picture of me
Looking back at me
Dressed in my Class A--OD’s
When I was in the Army,

Seventy years ago
A soldier of vim and vigor
Ready for war
With finger on the trigger

Preparing to “ship out”
To places unknown
Fighting in foreign country’s
Where seeds of hatred had been sown

Seems so young
Was that really me?
I stared again
Could it be?

Was this a flashback?
Was it my imagination?
Was I half awake?
Tis a strange situation

Gee that’s been so long ago
Back to nineteen forty five
Uncle Sam said, “I need you”
Sakes alive

I looked so young
To young to shave every day
Barely out of High School
What can I say?

I looked again
There was a man with hair of gray
Needing his morning shave
The reflection had gone away

I heaved a sigh of relief
Smiled to myself, and said
No one would believe me
They would say “He’s lost his Head”

So this is between you and me
Don’t let it be known
That I’m losing it
And so soon

I had forgotten about the Army
I had not forgotten all my old friends
The great times we had together
Friends to the end

Army training in three states
Texas, Oregon and Alabama
Islands of Hawaii, Eniwetok, Okinawa
Ending up in Korea,

Seems so long ago
Long gone in my past
Memories still branded in my mind
I’ll hold on to the last

I’m glad for this reflection
It stirred my heart and mind
It brought back great memories
That I had left behind.

Monte L. Manka 05-29-2013