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Time to Stop Reaching

Story ID:8947
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Caldwell ID USA
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Ginny went away for two weeks to visit her son, daughter-in-law and youngest
granddaughter (Lennie) in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The evening she left, the apartment we call home seemed empty. It was like
a body without a heart. There was no life in it.
Our cats noticed the difference. They strolled through the rooms that night,
looked for their other master and were disappointed.

Ginny was gone.

The older cat settled into her bed on the sofa without too much concern. She
is used to the times when her humans disappear.
Callie, the younger one, was lost. Callie daunts on Ginny in the morning:
She rubs against Ginny's legs and jumps in her lap for loving. At night, when it is time
for bed, Callie follows Ginny to the bedroom and either crawls under the covers with her
or curls up in the bottom corner of the mattress next to Ginnyís feet.

The first few nights Ginny was away, Callie came to bed with me and curled
up in her normal spot at the foot of Ginís side of the bed and went to sleep. She
adjusted quickly to the change.

My first week was miserable. I didnít sleep soundly. In my sleep, Iíd reach out
for Ginny. My arm found an empty bed and Iíd wake. I did this most of the night. If
I didnít wake, Iíd automatically move closer to her side and try again. In the morning,
Iíd wake completely on Ginís side of the bed and learn the little kitty had been swept
to the floor as my legs migrated to her side. After a few days Callie gave up and spent
her nights in her basket in the corner of our bedroom.

Callie got over her loss better than I did. She adjusted and moved on. I did the
same when my first wife died.
How long would it take me to let go of Ginny?
I have no idea.

Each relationship is different.

We need time to adjust to a loss. There is no time limit, but it is healthy to
eventually let go.

Be assured, there will come a time to stop reaching.

Michael T. Smith