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Buckets and Pails

Story ID:8958
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA USA
Person:Hearkening Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Buckets and Pails

Buckets and Pails

Buckets and Pails

You’ve all heard
“Of The Old Oaken Bucket
That hung in the well”
We had no oaken bucket
We had an Enamel water Pail

That when filled to the top
On the cabinet would stand
With water for drinking
Water for cooking
Water for washing your face and hands

A fancy enamel dipper
That served the family all
That rested in the pail
Deep in the water
Ready to be sipped from
When friends or neighbors would call

To sip from the dipper
That old enamel dipper
Many a thirst it did quench
From family and neighbors
To the laborers
The men digging a trench

A trench for a new water line
From the well to the barn
Below the freeze line
At least three feet deep
To water the cows and the horses
We had no sheep.

That old Enamel bucket
When bumped on a rock
The spot where bumped
Turned black on that spot
The pail would rust
It had to be dumped

The water would turn brown
Or have a yellowish look
That old rusty bucket
To the granary it was took
To lade out corn or oats

For the horses and mules
For the milk cows and their calves
For the piglets and shoats
Carried in that old enamel bucket
With rust in the bottom
We had no goats.

That old enamel pail
I can see it on that stand
After I filled it to the brim
From that old water well
If I had it today I would listen
To the stories it could tell.

About that time on the farm
Always full for the thirsty
Water for iced tea
For Leslie, Dad, Mother and me
Now you see the importance
And the History

Of that old Enamel Water pail
How it was such an important part
Of life on the farm
I can picture it today
Next to that old wood Range
Ready for dipping
It has an unusual charm.

Monte L. Manka 06-06-2013