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Farm Bedroom Necessity

Story ID:8961
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA USA
Person:Need to go Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Farm Bedroom Necessity

Farm Bedroom Necessity

Farm Bedroom Necessity

On a cold winter night
Temperature 20 above zero
A strong north wind
Is miserable weather, doncha know

Snow sifting in
On the inside window sill
No inside bathroom or light
It would give you a thrill

To go to the outside privy
Wading through the snow
Frost on the throne
Makes you not want to go

Those heavy cotton Pajamas
Those heavy blankets on top
Kept the cold weather outside
But that didnít stop

That urge to go
We kept a white enamel pail
In the closet behind closed doors
With a lid and bail

Ready and handy
For instant relief
On those cold winter nights
Made time out from under the warm covers so brief

One of my chores on the farm
Was to empty the Chamber Pot
Before walking to school
Whether cold or hot

It happened one day
Yes I forgot
My chore of the morning
To empty that old chamber pot.

After supper Mom asked
Did you finish your chore?
There were hired hands in the kitchen
I was embarrassed, I looked at the floor

As I came down the stairs
With my chore in my hand
I bumped the pot on every stair step
Just as I planned,

As the hired hands laughed
At my clumsiness
Trying to look inconspicuous
I must confess

I failed miserably
I was the talk of the night
Me bumping down those stairs
With the pot, quite a sight.

Even today eighty years later
This sight so clear in my mind
Itís a wonder my Mom
Didnít swat my scrawny behind.

I married and moved to town
We have an inside bathroom so neat
No wasps, spiders, flies or mosquitos
Waiting beneath the seat

The people of today
Donít give it a thought
About those old times
And a white enamel Chamber Pot.

Monte L. Manka 06-07-2913