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Study by Kerosene lights

Story ID:8973
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Chelsea Kansas USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Study by Kerosene lights

Study by Kerosene lights

Study by Kerosene lights

Study by Kerosene Lamps

My homework on the farm
On many a night
I strained my eyesight
When I studied by Kerosene Lamp light.

The flickering lamps
That shed the light
Those burning wicks made eerie shadows
On the walls at night.

Back when I was a kid
This was the norm
Doing our homework
Back on our farm

We had kerosene lanterns
To use outside at night
To take to the barn
Made a really poor light

Those old lanterns
We hung in the barn with care
Had to be careful
When used in there

If one lantern fell to the floor
And landed near some hay
The barn would burn
Put the fire out-no way.

Then we got a Coleman lamp
It used gas
Pump on the side for pressure
To make the gas pass

Through the mantles
This was a white light
Easy to study
On a dark night.

Those mantles were flimsy
Just a bump one would break
Had to keep several extra mantles
So the lamp could make

Plenty white light
They burned so bright
It lit up the night
Quite a sight

Dad got a Delco generator
When I was about ten
Put it in the cellar
We had electricity then

One 100 watt bulb on a wire
Hung down from the ceiling
Room bright as day
No more stumbling or feeling

Your way around the living room
Now we could see
We were as happy
As could be

The other farmers
Were awed by our electric lights
One outside on a pole
Called it a yard light.

Finally when I was fifteen
The Rural Electric Association.
Brought electricity to the farmers
We had lights in every location

Lights in all the rooms
Lights in the barn
Lights in the garage
Lights all over the farm

This was the last phase
Of upgrading the farm
We still had to cut wood
In the winter to keep warm.

Monte L. Manka 06-14-2013