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A Needed Change in Research Protocul

Story ID:9040
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Location:various various USA
Person:Dr. John Pippin/PCRM
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I have always appreciated the work of the Physicians Committee
for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). Within the not too distant
past, thousands if not millions of poor pound dogs were used
mercilessly for surgery practice by teaching hospitals
nationwide. Dr. Neal Barnard and the PCRM worked tirelessly
to shut down these cruel dog labs without compromising teaching
techniques. I believe they succeeded.

Shelter dogs were easily available to teaching hospitals by
virtue of "pound seizure" -a law which I believe today is now
outlawed in almost all states. These cruel dog labs were
standard procedure for far too long. A dog -maybe the dog
that you surrendered to a shelter would undergo countless
surgeries -one after the other until spent and no longer useful
for practice. And only then was he or she put down.

One surgery for me in '93 was one too many. Can you imagine
how these poor dogs suffered?

Thank God for PCRM who began their crusade to "teach" these
hospital and research doctors that simulated mannequins
were just as good as live animals. In fact better.

And now another horrible procedure is needlessly and cruelly
being used on pigs in at least 4 medical centers. As the PCRM
letter I received today revealed -these four training programs
are shedding animal blood in their courses.

This is so unnecessary because per PCRM -Advanced Trauma Life
Support (ATLS) courses are taught at more than 200 universities
and medical centers across the country. And they note: "More
than 98 percent of them DO NOT use live animals because human
simulators are proven to be more effective.

The four medical centers who still have not understood this
and also have not come to the realization that pigs are nothing
like humans are- Hartford Hospital, North Dakota State University,
University of Texas Medical Branch and Baystate Medical Center.
All of them have refused to stop killing defenseless pigs in their
training procedures.

The writer of the PCRM post warns us that we may not want to
read what happens to these poor helpless pigs in their training

I could not help thinking - trying to spare us when reading
about the pig suffering is not even remotely as painful as
what the pigs suffer:

"After enduring the trauma of confinement, shipping, and
manipulation, a pig is then cut between her ribs, and a tube
is forced into her chest cavity. Then a needle is pierced into
her abdomen, and another needle stabbed under her breastbone
near her heart. Only then the pig is killed right before her
throat is sliced."

Just terrible. I didn't read anything about her being anesthetized-
so you can well imagine how terribly painful this was for her and
for all the others so cruelly used. I think the peoplo who undergo
surgery when either the anesthetic wares down or they were not
completly sedated in the first place can well relate to the pig

And of course, the very sad part is that even though the PCRM has
probably made it abundantly clear to these people that human
simulators are better and have been proven to be more effective,
they continue to use these cruel invasive procedures on innocent
pigs. Why?

If this was happening in the Middle Ages where the cruel Descartes
arrogantly proclaimed that dogs (animals) are non-thinking, non-
feeling automatoms - then I could understand. But in the 21st
century and brutalizing these poor pigs in the name of medicine?
I think this is unconscionable. What about you?