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Deer Slaughter in Washington, D.C.

Story ID:9052
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Washington District of Columbia USA
Person:Commissioner Jonathan Jarvis
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Today I received a flyer from In Defense of Animals with the
words emblazoned on the envelope - Stop the Deer Slaughter!
Act Now.

Are there any wild animals who aren't badgered and even killed
because of our cruel stewardship? How can we protect them from
our guns, bows and arrows or whirring helicopter round ups? One
young horse ran his hooves off from the cruel BLM round-ups and
just keeled over and died. How very, very painful it must have
been to run on his crippled, bleeding hooves.

The terrible spectre of horse slaughterhouses is starting up again
in the US - despite 80 per cent of Americans being opposed to
it. I wrote my 3 Congresspeople TWICE asking them to co-sponsor
the SAFE ACT which would protect our horses, but they obviously
don't care because none of them have replied. I'll try again.
At least they should tell me why they are not supporting this
humane measure.

And the poor wolves have once again been delisted from the Endangered
Species Act. And it is easy to find people on the internet with
absolutely no shame posing with the bloodied bodies of their

Now the IDA has alerted us to the never ending problem of killing
deer. Why haven't we been using humane methods to keep their
numbers down? I am always amazed at how poorly we manage wildlife.
It usually ends up with killing them instead of "managing" them.

Re the latest slaughter of innocent deer, it happened just
recently and no less then in the HEART of our nation's capital.

Per IDA: "The murders took place in the dead of night between 10
p.m. and 4 a.m in March of this year, despite ongoing protests
outside the park. Sharpshooters hired by the National Park Service
(NPS) lured nearly tame deer to piles of apples and grain. The
deer were mowed down with bullets as they ate."

If this duplicitous spectacle doesn't sicken you, I guess nothing
will. IDA asked us to voice our outrage with NPS today. Yes,
I certainly will.

The flyer read "Demand the agency fulfill its own mandate of
protecting native wildlife--including deer-and that existing
humane methods such as immunocontraception be used instead of
killing deer."

They asked us to write the National Park Service Director -Jonathan
Jarvis, 1849 C Street NW, Washington, DC 20240. Or we can e-mail
him and his address can be found on the internet. I hope you will
look it up to write him - telling him of your displeasure with
this cruel and needless killing of innocent deer.

As soon as I finish this post, I will e-mail the director. I will
tell him that it was a callous and needless act. I will also ask
him why aren't they using contraceptives. Contacting him takes
only a few minutes, and if you care about deer, you will find
those minutes.

When I think of deer, I sadly always recall what happened in east
Cleveland some years ago. An elderly black woman found a fawn in
one of her flower beds. Instead of oohing and ahhing -which I
think most of what have done upon seeing a baby fawn, she flew
into a rage. All she cared about was her flowers, and this fawn,
in her opinion, didn't belong among them. She then picked up a
shovel and beat the poor fawn to death. The poor mother deer
must have watched in horror- unable to do anything to stop this
very cruel act.

All she had to do was call the city and ask them to remove the
little innocent creature. I believe she was convicted of some
small violation. Whatever it was, it was not nearly enough for
those of us who felt she deserved a harsher punishment. What
she did was cruel and completely uncalled for.


We have taken away land which was once theirs and now the deer
are trying to adapt and live among us. It certainly is not easy
for them, because we do so little to help them. Instead- communities
are increaingly resorting to deadly methods to control local deer

Cities and towns are pressured by state wildlife agencies and
commissions that favor opportunies for hunters - ignoring the
overwhelming outcry of caring citizens.

I never before heard about this barbaric practice which some places
use. Called NETTING AND BOLTING -it involves casting a net over a
terrified deer herd. Understanably, the deer scream and thrash
about. This often leads to the painful snapping of their thin
legs. Then the men fire a 4 inch steel bolt into their brains
which is rapidly retracted. If it misfires, this death by bolt-
gun isn't always instant and results in more pain for the unfortunate

And as in Washington this March - sharpshooters wherever they are
used are paid tens or hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars per
year to lure hungry deer to baiting stations and shoot them while
they eat. The "lucky" ones die instantly. Others who are only
wounded die slowly over several days from blood loss or infections.

Certainly we could do better for the deer. If we have tens or
hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money, we should be
using it to "shoot" darts containing immunocontraceptives into
them to help keep the deer population down. They are
certainly less painful then guns, bows and arrows, or netting
and bolting procedures and NO DEER HAS TO DIE.


I copied this short intercessary prayer from the morning prayers
of one of the week days. Simply stated, it says a lot -at least
to me. Addressed to the Creator it asks:

"Show us your goodness present in EVERY CREATURE -That we may
contemplate your glory every day."