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I Miss Dennis Kucinich

Story ID:9076
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Lakewood Ohio USA
Person:Dennis Kucinich
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For many years Dennis Kucinich had represented my Ohio district
with distinction and compassion towards both people and animals.
The latter virtue is often conspicuously missing in other

Of course, I was crestfallen when he lost the election last
year because of redistricting by the Republicans. Sadly,
Representive Marcy Kaptur who replaced him- seems not to have
his compassion for alleviating animal suffering.

Dennis would always get 100 percent on the HSUS Humane Scoreboard
re animal issues. Former Ohio Representative Betty Sutton
also consistently scored 100. Sadly, she too lost her bid
for re-election, and I doubt very much that whoever replaced
her will measure up to her in this category of compassion.

I can't figure out how we lost- not one but two compassionate
Ohio legislators at the same time. But then I think I do know.
We generally are not very savvy voters. Some of the people we
have elected to Congress are certainly not leading our country
in the right direction. Or haven't you noticed?

While I had the Humane Scoreboard in hand, I looked up my two
Ohio Senators to see how they scored on humane issues. Senator
Sherrod Brown (D) 60% and Senator Rob Portman (R) 20% I think
you will have to agree that their scores are not very impressive
in this regard.

What about Rep. Marcy Kaptur who replaced Dennis? A disappointing
38%. I don't know why but I hoped writing her and the two Senators
to support the SAFE ACT would be something they could readily
do. It would stop horse slaughter in the US and elsewhere, and
certainly, it is a compassionate stance.

Well, so far, I have written ALL three of them - not once, but
THREE times -asking them to co-sponsor the SAFE ACT. I told them
that 80 percent of Americans are against horse slaughter.

Not hearing from any of them the first time, I e-mailed them a
second time. This time I asked them why they were opposed to the
SAFE ACT. This is Ohio after all - not horse country where some
people in Montana and Wyoming and other western states are just
itching to start up horse slaughter houses again -to kill our
horses for profit.

The wild horses belong to all of us, but during the last few years
the BLM has been rounding them up -using the horrible helicopters
which frightened them and caused them to run for miles on end in
hot weather -not being able to stop and rest or be refreshed
with water. Of course, this was the BLM game plan. Some would
not survive this chase. I always remember reading that one young
horse ran on bleeding hooves and finally just fell over dead.
This is not the way I envisioned my taxpayer money being used.

If there was an overpopulation problem, then the BLM should have
been spending those thousands and thousands of dollars
for immunocontraceptives to keep their numbers down. Dr. Jay
Kirkpatrick, a specialist in this field said that they have been
used successfully in 80 percent of the animals who were treated
with them.

Just recently he was quoted in this regard in the shameful killing
of deer in Washington D.C. The National Park Service employed
sharpshooters to entice the hungry deer with food, and then mowed
them down as they ate. Two things come to mind - what a duplicitous
way to kill innocent deer and why would you need "sharpshooters"
to do this? Anyone could have mowed them down.

It would have been a great humane opportunity to dart them instead
with immunocontraceptives. The only way wildlife officials use to
keep overpopulation down is to kill the innocent animals causing
the problem when prevention with the use of immunocontraceptives
should be the humane key.

After the cruel horse round-ups, the BLM sold many of these poor
horses at auction where the "meat" men would snap them up to truck
them to Mexico or Canada. The transport caused much suffering as
they were crowded together and certainly were not given water or
food along the way. At destination end, they would suffer even
more horribly because horse slaughter is always especially traumatic
for them because of their great size.

Okay, no response to my second e-mail. Whether I erred by what
I wrote them in my third e-mail is probably opened to conjecture
and debate, but I had had it with them. They didn't have to support
the SAFE ACT, but in my opinion, they owed me a response. I was
one of their constituents. They are employed by the American people.

This is what I wrote all three of them:

"This is either the third or the fourth time I have written re
supporting the SAFE ACT which would stop horse slaughter in the
US and anywhere else. I am flabbergasted that NONE of you who
represent me have responded. I am writing this same message to
Senators Brown and Portman and Rep. Kaptur. Also none of you had
the kindness to explain to me why you are not supporting the bill.
To say that I am disappointed by not being adequately represented
by you is pretty evident. Don't worry. No explanation is needed.
In my opinion, in not supporting the SAFE ACT, you are all lacking
in compassion."

Right - I will get no "Brownie" points for that e-mail, but it should
be judged on truth and accuracy. How would you like to get no
response to your message to your legislators?

Dennis - where are you? You are terribly missed and so is Betty
Sutton. The animals miss you too. You both are blessed with a
compassionate heart. I truly believe that if we as a people would
treat our fellow animal inhabitants with kindness and justice, we
would have a better world. I think you believed that too.