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Dream Or--

Story ID:9077
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona Ca USA
Person:Dreaming Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Dream Or--

Dream or ------

Last night
Without counting sheep
I lay down
And fell sound asleep

I dreamed a dream
About life it seems
When I was younger
In my teens

Hitching a ride
On that asphalt road
Hoping for a ride
To help lighten my load

Of the thoughts
As the scene begins to unfold
About my life my loves
About growing old

I hesitate
“Is it left or right?”
As the stripe down the center
Disappears out of sight

Into the far off future
Later in your life
Laughter and happiness
Or troubles and strife.

That road as I see it
Is narrow and long
All kinds of detours
As I moved along

Just to distract me
They’re either good or bad
I move slowly to the end
With the problems I’ve had

As I grow older
And the pace begins to slow
The more that I knew
And the things I know

Slowly come into focus
Seems to become clear
Time that I wasted
Now seems oh so dear

So into the future
Down that Lonesome road
I will go on to the end
Shoulder my load

Accept what fate metes out
To me “the dreamer” I’ll tell
God, thank you for the privilege
Of living this long and being so well
Monte L. Manka 7-16-2013