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Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Location:Any All USA
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By Fred Wickert

Our country, the United States of America used to be a beacon of freedom and Liberty throughout the world. People from all over the world who wanted freedom and liberty flocked to our shores to become an American and live the American dream. We continue to have people from all over the world coming here for the very same thing but those coming now will be sadly disappointed. Freedom and liberty are no longer ours.

We now are being told by our government what we can eat and what we can’t eat. What we can drink and how much we can drink, and what we cannot drink. We are being told what kind of energy we can use and what kind we cannot use. We are told what kind of cars we should buy and what we should not. We are being told we have to buy health insurance or pay a fine.00000000000000000000000000000

The best health system of the world has now been destroyed. A friend of mine, a former school class mate, visited me today. He needs a lung transplant. He has been informed he is to old to receive a transplant. We are both 79 years of age. My sister was around that age when she got colon cancer with a fist sized tumor in her colon. It was successfully removed and she was treated with chemotherapy. Five years later she was cancer free. Now, with Obama care the law of the land, if my friend or I get cancer, we are out of luck. Obama Care forbids the treatment for cancer on anyone past their 76th birthday. It is not said in those words, but factually what we are being told is that we are too old to live.

There are many thousands of rules and regulations being made every day that we are expected to abide by. It is impossible for anyone to know all those rules and regulations. Unemployment is high, but new regulations are putting businesses that might put those people to work, out of business because the rules and regulations are too costly for a business to survive.

The President is ignoring and defying the constitution and the Supreme Court and no one is doing anything about it. Congress is corrupt themselves. How are they expected to put reins on a runaway President who talks of law, the rule of law and the laws of the land out one side of his mouth while at the same time refusing to enforce laws he does not agree with out the other side. All of our law makers, the President, Vice President and members of the House and of the Senate have all sworn an oath of office, “to defend, protect and obey the Constitution of the United States.” Almost every one of them, either by action or inaction, are violating that sworn oath with frequent regularity.

We once had the finest justice system in the world. It had flaws and was and is not perfect, but it was the best in the world. That is rapidly changing. The new Black Panthers in Philadelphia, dressed in a military type uniform and carrying batons or billy clubs, stood on the steps of a polling place during an election, intimidating and threatening violence against any who might not vote for Barack Obama. It was their mission to prevent anyone who might vote for John McCain from voting. These men were arrested and removed from the polling place. It was a federal crime and so federal authorities took over the case.

Barack Obama won the election and he made Eric Holder his Attorney General. Eric Holder ordered the attorneys handling the case against the new Black Panthers to drop the case. The attorney in charge of the case protested. He had a solid case with an assured conviction. It was a slam dunk prosecution. Eric Holder said, “No.” He declined to prosecute anyone who was black.

Eric Holder has twice now, lied under oath before Congressional Committees. He has committed perjury. He has violated the law in ordering and signing the warrant for eves dropping on news reporters.

Just recently and up to date, the conduct of Eric Holder in a Florida murder case is inexcusable. When the incident first happened local authorities investigated the case and found there was no evidence to justify the placing of charges or making an arrest. It was a clear case of a person being attacked, shooting a man in his own defense.

Racial agitators Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson without knowing all the facts swung into action. Trevon Martin was the deceased and he was only seventeen years old. George Zimmerman was the shooter. From the last name it was assumed Zimmerman had to be a white Jew. At first he was called white, even by the media. When it was discovered he was Hispanic, they changed it to white Hispanic. Anybody ever heard that term before? White Hispanic anyone? No? Well neither have I and neither has anyone else. The racial aspect had already been started by the race baiters Sharpton and Jackson and by the media. I can’t really call them news media because there is not much news from them anymore. They have become the propaganda wing of the democratic party.

The media showed a picture of Martin. The picture they used was of Martin when he was a 12 year old. They did not use the photo of what he looked like when the incident happened. He was a six foot tall 175 pound muscular boy in great shape, covered with tattoos. Innocent looking he was not. He also was not the sweet innocent little kid the media tried to make him out to be. He was suspended from school at the time the incident happened because he came to school with burglary tools and a bunch of ladies watches and jewelry he said he had “found.” He had also recently been in trouble because he got on a public bus and demanded he be allowed to ride for free. When the bus driver refused his demands he hit the bus driver in the face. He was not the innocent little angel portrayed in the media.

Barack Obama had to make a little speech in which he said if he had a son he would look like Trevon Martin. Then Eric Holder swung in to action. Using our tax payer dollars, he sent a team from Washington to Florida, not to maintain order as one might expect, but instead, to stir up demonstrations among the black population. They went to another town where there was a college, 40 miles away. There they recruited demonstraters. They loaded them on chartered buses, paid for with your tax dollars mind you, and took them to the police station. There they barricaded the doors to the police station and demanded the resignation of the police chief, because the police had not arrested and charged George Zimmerman for the murder of Trevon Martin. Under pressure, the police chief did resign.

The gang from the Justice Department, and here I use the term justice very loosely, went to the state capital and put pressure on the State Attorney. Under this pressure, the State Attorney took the case away from the county Attorney who had found no evidence to charge or try Zimmerman, and assigned it to a State prosecutor demanding Zimmerman be charged and tried for murder. Then and only then did a trial take place.

There was indeed a trial. A trial that never should have taken place. A trial that there was no evidence for in the first place. A trial that cost the Florida tax payers a bundle. Why? To placate the race baiters. Political expediency for the Obama administration and for no other reason.

When the shooting first took place, the FBI was dispatched to Florida to investigate and to determine whether or not there was any evidence at all of a hate crime or if there was any evidence of racial discrimination or any violation of Trevon Martrin’s civil rights. They found none and returned to Washington.

The trial lasted several weeks. When it concluded the jury deliberated for two days and found the defendant not guilty. Zimmerman was acquitted of any wrong doing. That should have been the end of it.

It was not the end of it. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have demanded the Justice department try Zimmerman for Civil rights violations and hate crimes. Eric Holder has ordered an investigation. The FBI already conducted an investigation and found nothing. That was not good enough. Now Holder has established a hot line for anyone in the country who knows anything about Zimmerman to call in and report it. They are running a vendetta. They are not running justice.

The president is still making speeches about the case and emphasizing racial bias against blacks. The Attorney General is out to get Zimmerman any way he can, and has ordered the state of Florida to hold on to all evidence in the case until the Justice Dept. tells them otherwise. The Martin family is threatening a wrongful death suit against Zimmerman. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have demonstrations planned this weekend in over a hundred cities in the country.

The man was tried in a court of law with the deck stacked against him. He was found not guilty. That is supposed to be the end of it. There is supposed to be a ban on double jeopardy, but is there really? Are demonstrations by race agitators what is going to determine justice in this country from now on?

In the mean time we have one scandal after another going on and there does not seem to be as much attention to those as there is to who is sleeping with whom in Hollywood or the royal family in England. The private lives of the royal family in England and the sometimes not so private lives of the celebrities in Hollywood seem to be far more important, in the media at least, than Benghazi, or gun running by the Justice department to Mexican drug cartels, or political smothering of religious groups, conservative groups or second amendment groups by the IRS, or a new amnesty law for illegal immigrants or any one of the other weekly new scandals that pop up in our government that nobody does anything about. You know, Obama takes a few Republican leaders out to an expensive dinner in Washington and the next thing you know, the Republican leadership is thinking just like Obama, Reid and Pelosi.

Yesiree, it sure looks to me like we are living in a banana republic now. I mean, you know the old adage, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck. Apply the same way of thinking to our country, and it seems to me we come up with a banana republic. Gee, I loved the old USA. I wonder what happened to her and where she went? I sure do miss her. I hope she will recover some day. I hope she hasn’t passed away. I was so proud to be an American, but with this America, I’m not so proud anymore. I guess Michell Obama is, but then she was never proud of my America, so she said.

Please visit my website at www.fredsstoryroom.com