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Grand Ma's Magic

Story ID:9105
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Back when I was maybe 5 years old,a time when I believed in Magic,fairy tales and Elves,I lived in Lagrange Georgia I was born at home as were most of my siblings.In that house,a small wood frame company house probably bilt in 1900 or there abouts when the Cotton Mills first came to Georgia,there was one room that for some reason I was afarid to enter,I was afraid to enter because the portraits on the wall seemed to be looking at me and it seemed to me that the eyes of these portraits would follow me all around that room,no matter where I stood they seemed to be looking at me.Sometimes when I would be playing near that room I would fancy that I could hear the portraits talking to each other.One day I was playing on the floor with a small model truck,what today would be called a tonka toy,when I happend to glance up at the open door to that room,to my great surprize and fear I saw a small little man with pointy shoes and a pointed hat peeping at me around that door.I suppose that you are going to call me delussional,but no,I dont think so,what I think is that Small Children have not developed a filter that we as Adults seem to have.But that is not what this tale is about anyway,This Tale is about Warts,soon after I saw or imagined seeing that Little Man I became afflicted with warts on my hands,they seem to have just appeared over night (Yes I did play with frogs) they were on my fingers,my knuckles,the backs of my hands and even a few in my palms.My Dad said to me that He was taking me to see my Grand Mother so that She could cure the warts.My Grand Mother (to me,at that age) was ancient.She took me aside away from anyone else and My Dad sat and talked softly with My Grand Father.My Grand Mother took some sort of small twig poked one of those warts and mumbled under her breath.2 days later I did not have even one wart on my hands nor was I ever bothered by warts nor the Little Green Man again and those portraits? I dont remember ever giving them a second thought.A Month or two later we moved out of that city and I have never lived there again for any length of time.
The last time I drove by that House it was still standing and people still lived in it,but no,I have not been inside it since I was a small child.