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The Meeting of the Minds

Story ID:9125
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA USA
Person:Donut eating Chelsea Kansas Kid
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The Meeting of the Minds

The Meeting of the Minds

Down at “Kristy’s” donuts
Each morning you will see
A group of older gentlemen
A weird menagerie

All are resting comfortably
Sipping their cup of coffee
On the sidewalk
In front of “Kristy’s” facility

Each morning
As they assemble
A picture of peace and quiet
Is what they resemble

Until someone mentions politics
Then the Dems and Reps square off
The peaceful morning
Turns into utter chaos,

The once quiet conversations
Are raised a decibel or two
Kristy’s customers fear for their life
As they pass through

They rush into “Kristy’s” open door
Holding their kids hands so tight
The look on the parents faces
Is pure fright.

After the rowdy arguments
When peace is finally restored
The conversations turn to other things
And all the voices are lowered

Everyone leaves in peace
And the next morn
Those old arguments
Are again reborn

The group is back each morning
Tho so diversified, you see
It all starts again
The camaraderie.

There are salesmen
There’s a trucker
There’s a cowboy
The rest are retirees and one worker.
(And a Realtor)

“These meetings of the minds”
Let me make it crystal clear
I hope it will continue
For another twenty years.

Monte L Manka 10-20-12

Me in the middle