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Nosey, a Suffering Elephant

Story ID:9133
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:various various USA
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You might have met Nosey on Facebook, but I met her on Care2
Here Piper Hoffman shared the story of this 30 year-old abused
elephant. Though sick and suffering, she nevertheless, is made
to perform by her uncaring owner.

An attempt was made to inform UniverSoul's CEO, Cedric Walker
about her sad state of health, but he ignored the 28,500 petitions
signed by caring people in just two days. Unmoved by this act
of compassion, he decided to do business with Hugo "Tommy" Liebel
who someone so well described as so heartless that he may just
be impersonating a human being.

And since then, Nosey also just finished performing at the Arenac
County Fair in Standish, Michigan. Another company who obviously
paid no attention to the pleas of petition signers.

However, there were some other groups though who responded
compassionately to Nosey's plight. When Peta and individual
animal lovers informed The Blue Water Fest of Nosey's suffering,
this caring company told Liebel to take a hike! Beautiful.

Also concerned about Nosey, the Western Michigan Fair in
Ludington refused to hire Nosey to give rides. I hope
compassionate groups like this will also follow the example
of some EU countries who no longer allow animals in their
circuses because of the abuse so many have to endure.

In Nosey's case, activists are making a difference and Liebel
is trying to escape the public eye. He even has renamed Nosey
as Tiny, Dumbo, or Peanut to fool the public. But he has failed
in this regard to hide his cruelty, and word has gotten out,
Now Nosey even has her own Facebook page with information about
upcoming performances. The site also tells how to protest the
companies that pay Liebel to exploit her. People of compassion
will not pay to see Nosey suffer.

And where is the USDA in all of this? Hoffman reported that
they scheduled a hearing on Liebel's long running violations
of the Animal Welfare Act. Even though these violations were
based on multiple government inspections of Nosey's pitiful
condition and 109,000 readers signed a petition calling for
the USDA to rescue Nosey From Liebel, it never happened.

Eight days before the hearing, the agency reached a settlement
with Liebel, fining him a pathetic $7,500. They let Nosey
down big time.

How magnanimous of the USDA to keep Liebel in business as usual
while Nosey continues to be exploited. And the concern of well
over 100,000 petition signers went for naught. Nosey should have
been taken from this cruel man and placed in a sanctuary. Why
are these officials so heartless? Why are they so indifferent
to the will of so many people who showed their concern for Nosey?

In Defense of Animals is launching a new campaign to persuade the
USDA to get serious and retire Nosey to a sanctuary where Liebel
can't ever touch her again.

Haughty Liebel was reported being heard saying that he had no
intention of changing his ways to comply with the Animal Welfare
Act and the USDA's order.

In the meantime, Nosey spends hours locked in a trailer in over
90 degree heat. The only time she is allowed to walk is when a
customer is riding her. Other times she is chained unable to
even turn around.

I signed another petiton for her at this site urging the USDA
to impose meaningful punishment for Liebel and to confiscate his
animals. He also has two monkeys and we worry that they are
probably exploited as well.

I hope the USDA comes to the realization that Liebel will not
change his ways. As he defiantly said- he was not going to
follow the Animal Welfare Act. That should be reason enough to
move on him and rescue Nosey and the two spider monkeys. Isn't
thumbing down your nose on a Congressional Act a serious matter?
Shouldn't it have consequences?

In Defense of Animals has always fought hard to rescue elephants
who are being abused or are living in terrible conditions in
zoos. We all hope that they will be successful in freeing Nosey
from a hellish life and that one day she will find herself in a
"shangrila" sanctuary with other elephants. She so richly
deserves retirement.

Hoffman lists some of Liebel's violations re the care of Nosey:

1. In one inspection, the government found that in Nosey's cage
a portion of the metal wall was detached, exposing a sharp metal
edge that could injure Nosey.

2. Nosey has a visibly poor and painful skin condition which
Liebel persistently ignores - illegally denying her necessary
veterinary care.

3. In 2009, an inspector caught Liebel keeping Nosey tethered in
such a manner that she could only move a few feet from side to
side -this in willful violation of the law. The chains which
tethered her were so taut that Nosey was unable to lie down on
her side.

4. In October 2009 the government inpectors found that Liebel
failed to store supplies of food in facilities which adequately
protected such supplies against deterioration, molding or
contamination by vermin. Poor Nosey doesn't even get food that
is decent, nourishing, and edible.

It truly amazes me that the USDA has not confiscated poor Nosey.
I pray that In Defense of Animals will succeed in their court
case, and that an understanding and compassionate judge will do what
the USDA has failed to do -and that is to free Nosey from the
hellish existence she has had during most of her 30 years of
slavery under Liebel.