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Do I Remember

Story ID:9148
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA USA
Person:Remembering Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Do I Remember

Do IóRemember

Long ago in September
Hard for me to remember
When I first opened the door
Into El Dorado Junior College
Seeking there for more knowledge
Back in nineteen forty four

I looked in at those Locker lined halls
Seemed to stretch from here to Niagara Falls
Looking for the admission room
Deep into the dimness peering
Long I stood there greatly fearing
What I felt as my impending doom

Hesitating there no longer
As my pounding heart grew stronger
I threw open wide the door
My time in Junior College was so short
Just time enough for Miss Bradfordís Book report
Then I was heading off to war

Out of the blue Uncle Sam said ďI want youĒ
Only one thing to do
Join the Army Corps
Junior College not a joke
If I didnít croak
Iíd be back in a year or more

As I headed toward that troop ship
I knew that it would be a long trip
Before I touched a foreign shore
On that ship, 30 days and 30 nights
The Pacific Ocean a beautiful sight
Sea was as smooth as the kitchen floor

Arrived at Okinawa about noon
Three days later we had a big typhoon
We sat out in the wind and rain
Knocked down all the squad tents
Up behind a big rock we went
On our haunches we were told to remain

Twenty four hours later the typhoon a gentle breeze
We got up from our knees
Headed toward the Mess
We used K-ration cardboard boxes in our haste
The coffee had a funny taste
But it was black and HOT I confess

Two years later, Iím no fool
Iím headed back to school
To finish Junior College
I signed in
And did begin
My quest for more knowledge

All my teachers I had much respect
Even when they got on my neck
For falling behind
Miss Bradford dressed me down
For acting like a clown
She was right I didnít mind

Funny the things that you recall
Some good some bad some off the wall
Thatís life my friend
So cherish those good times past
Make them last and last
Until the very end.

Monte L. Manka 8-11-2013
(Thank you Edgar
Allen Poe for letting me copy some of your great poem ďThe raven.Ē)