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Story ID:9157
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:All cities All states USA
Person:All Americans
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By Fred Wickert

We have turned in to a nation of hypocrites. We ignore some things while making a huge issue of other things of a similar nature. It just depends on who or what you are.

We recently had a case in Florida where a black teen was shot and killed by a Hispanic man performing duties as a neighborhood watch. The black teen was bigger, had the man on the ground and was slamming his head on a concrete sidewalk. The Hispanic man feared for his life and had screamed for help. He was armed and used his weapon to shoot the black teen.

The media at first thought the shooter was white and so began, without knowing the facts, calling the shooting a racial hate crime. The shooters name sounded like a Jew. Later it turned out he was a Hispanic so they conveniently called him a ďWhite Hispanic,Ē a new term created for the event.

Spurred on by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who rushed to the area to stir up as much racial hatred as they could, our Attorney General. Eric Holder, using tax payer money, sent people from the Justice Department in Washington, to Florida. There they deliberately, and illegally I might add, went to a University where they recruited demonstrators and at tax payer expense, transported them on charted buses, to the door of the police station where they blocked the door and demanded the removal of the police chief. Why? Because the police said there was no evidence to warrant an arrest. The justice department people brought pressure to the state attorney office. The state attorney fired the county prosecutors who had jurisdiction, appointed a state prosecution team and ordered the shooter to be brought to trial.

The trial was held and watched by the nation on TV. The president stuck his two cents in and great pressure was brought with threats of riots if there was an acquittal. The jury was sequestered and did not know of all this pressure. They weighed the evidence and brought forth an acquittal. There was a tremendous cost to the tax payers involved. There was really no reason for the trial but our justice department, the president, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson together with the liberal media all insisted.

Even after the acquittal, there were still demonstrations produced by Sharpton and continued harassment of the shooter via our justice department.

At the same general time all this was going on, there was another shooting. This one was in Rochester, N.Y. A black man saw a group of three white teens breaking in to a car with the intent to steal some of the equipment in the car. The black man was licensed to carry a gun. He pulled his gun and ordered the three tens to stop what they were doing and to stay there until the police came. One of the teens charged at him. The black man shot two times and killed the teen that had charged at him. He had a trial and he too was acquitted.

The one in Florida was a black teen killed by a so called white Hispanic. The world knew all about it. The one in Rochester , N. Y. was a black man shooting a white teen. Outside of Rochester, N.Y. nobody ever heard of it.

There was recently held an annual rodeo. There are always clowns that are very much a part of the rodeo. In my memory, every president has had people wear masks of their likeness in Rodeos and worse. No one has ever had a problem with it. Recently on a late night TV show president Obama himself wore a mask of himself. In this recently held rodeo, one of the clowns wore a mask of president Obama. There was an unbelievable uproar over it. The rodeo clown was fired and has been banned for life. The announcer at the rodeo has also been fired.

Why? Is it because the other presidents were all white and Obama is black? Why the big furor over the Hispanic shooting the black teen in Florida and nothing at all over the black man shooting the white teen in Rochester, N.Y.?

Every day there are streets blocked off in the heart of New York City several times a day. The reason is because of a Muslim mosque and their calls to prayer. There is not enough room for all the Muslims to pray inside the Mosque so they put down their prayer rugs in the streets outside the building while they pray. The fact is that they are blocking traffic and the other people who want to use the streets are not able to.

On February 2, 2011 in California, there was a line outside the door of the motor vehicle department. The people standing in line were waiting for the offices to open so they could do some official business. A church pastor and an elder of the church stood fifty feet away from them in the parking lot. The church pastor, a Christian, opened his Bible and began reading aloud from it. The California Highway Patrol officer walked up to them. The officer took the Bible out of the pastorís hands and told him he was under arrest. He put handcuffs on him and searched him. The church elder kept asking the officer what law the pastor had violated. The officer did not answer his question, but asked if he would like to be arrested also. The elder asked again what law had been violated and he too was arrested.

The men were arrested in the town of Hemet, California. They were charged with being engaged in a ďDemonstration or gathering.Ē In a recent trial after the prosecution rested, the defense moved for an acquittal based on grounds that there was not enough evidence to prove the charges. Judge Timothy Freer concluded the defense was right. There was insufficient evidence and they were acquitted.

In New York City Muslims are permitted daily to block several blocks of city streets and inconvenience hundreds and maybe thousands of people, and nothing is done about it. In California two men stand in a parking lot more than fifty feet away from any people, and one of them reads aloud from a Bible. He is a Christian. For that both men are arrested.

Why? Why are Muslims all over the country allowed to do things with immunity, but increasingly Christians are not allowed to do anything without great controversy? You canít have Christmas. It has to be called holidays. You canít display a cross or a nativity scene. You canít pray in a public place and now you canít read the Bible out loud in a parking lot.

Why? The Muslims can pray in the streets and block traffic. The Christians canít pray in public. The Muslims can read aloud from the Koran, but Christians canít read aloud from the Bible. The Muslims can go about dressed in robes and the women covering all but their eyes in public, but the rest of us cannot do that at least in some jurisdictions. I know in New York State law, the wearing of a mask or covering your face unless at a costume party or some event is prohibited. I suppose that law originated because people often wore a mask when robbing a bank or a convenience store. I donít know if other states have that law but Iím guessing they do, but you will never see a Muslim woman being forced to remove the covering from her face. In some places they donít have to show their face for their driverís license picture, but all other faiths do.

We have two major political parties in this country. We have the Democrat party and we have the Republican party. Time after time after time we see politicians in the Republican party smeared and attacked until he or she has resigned or been ousted from office for some offense. At the same time, a Democrat politician can commit the same offense or worse, and there is hardly a word said about it and they get to keep their office. Not only do they keep their office, but they get re-elected too. Why?

In so many ways in this country and increasingly so, some things are just terrible sins and cannot be tolerated at all if you are white skinned, a Republican or a Christian. On the other hand, if you are black skinned, a Democrat or a Muslim you can do whatever you want and it is perfectly all right.

It should not be that way. The same rules should apply to all, equally. We talk about our freedom, but as long as the country is that way, we are not free. If we think we are we are just fooling ourselves.

I believe racism is wrong. I have written about it, (See THE WRONGS OF RACIAL BIAS, Ourecho story ID#3048) on Ourecho years ago. It is my opinion that racism has been increasing dramatically in this country since Barack Obama took office. I believe he and his cohorts have pushed it dramatically. I believe they have undone four decades of progress. Now days, you cannot disagree with Barack Obama about anything without the left calling you a racist. It simply isnít so. A disagreement with policy and behavior has nothing at all to do with the color of oneís skin. To say otherwise is just a copout. Reverse discrimination is rampant in this country right now, and make no mistake, that too is racism. Racism is not only white on black. It is also black on white, white on Latino, Latino on black or white and when my Chinese daughter was in high school, she experienced a lot of prejudice from Latinos. That too is racism. It all needs to end. We are all Americans. I also object to the term ďAfrican American.Ē Baloney. Almost none of them is from Africa. My ancestors are a mixture. The greater portion is German on Dads side and English on Moms side with a little Irish and Scotch and American Indian and possibly one Jew. I donít go around calling myself a European American. I am an American, as each of us should be.

When this country fails we all suffer. None of us are exempt. We have a constitution that is being violated and ignored right and left by the president, the courts and members of Congress. We need to stop this and make them accountable. We need to stop this fighting amongst ourselves, learn to respect each other and work for the common good. We need to stop giving a bone to one group or one class after another and pitting classes and groups against each other. We need to all be Americans together with a common goal. We need to do what is best for the country. We also need to have the rule of law with the same law for everybody.

Let us stop being a nation of hypocrites.

Please visit my website at www.fredsstoryroom.com