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A Humane Egg

Story ID:9169
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:San Francisco California usa
Person:Josh Tetrick
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My title is a bit deceptive. Perhaps it should read "A
humane alternative to eggs," but tell me, how many people
would want to read something with a title like that?

Still, I hope that anyone who loves eggs, but despises the
cruel suffering of our caged chickens, will at least want to
read about a very compassionate and enterprising young man
named Josh Tetrick. As Hampton Creek's CEO, he aims to
revolutionize the food industry with a plant-based egg

Bill Gates, in his endorsement of a vegan lifestyle to save
the world, believes that it is the only way we can feed the
millions and millions of people who face starvation daily.
We need to use our grain and water resources to feed them
instead of the animals we raise for food. And he mentioned
even eating faux meat and eggs to help do this.

I had already heard about the first meatless hamburger that
tastes and looks like a real hamburger, but I was surprised
when he mentioned faux eggs. So, I was delighted to learn
more about them in "allanimals" a bi-monthly magazine put out
by the Humane Society of the US.

We already have an "Egg Replacer" product we can use anywhere
calling for a binder, but it can't be used to make a
scrambled egg dish or a quiche. Nor will this new product
yet do this, but Tetrick says that in the future he hopes
to develop a liquid product that could be used to make scrambled

For now we hope that his product -a pale green powder called
Beyond Eggs will lead to the eventual elimination of the cruel
battery cages where our chickens are forced to "live" miserable
lives day in and day out

His product gets its green color from a variety of pea which
the company's scientists and chefs identified after testing 287
plants. It also contains sunflower and canola oil and other
natural ingredients. It can be used to replace eggs in baked goods
like cookies or in sauces like mayonnaise.

There is a picture of this young handsome entrepreneur in this
HSUS article which is titled "Best Laid Plans". He looks more
like a movie star idol than businessman. But this man is much more
than either. He is driven by compassion to find a product which
does not depend on the eggs laid on factory farms by hens crammed
in battery ages where they can't even spread their wings. Even
incarcerated criminals and murderers are allowed to exercise, and
yet these poor hapless chickens are given no consideration at all
as to their needs by virtue of an exploitive factory system which
we endorse every time we buy their "cheap" eggs.

The food industry traditionally uses processed eggs in either
liquid, frozen, or powdered form to make cookies and mayonnaize.
One third of the factory farm eggs goes for this purpose. Tetrick
hopes to take over as much of this processed egg market he can
because he says his product is not only more humane, but is even
20 percent less expensive. It is also better for the environment
and healthier for us because it has no cholesterol and has none
of the food safety risks of eggs from factory farms.

This year Beyond Eggs will be used in two major food companies.
This product will also be available to consumers through Hampton
Creek's website. I plan to ask The Bin - my neighborhood health
store about carrying this product as well.

HSUS' article is worth reading and I only have touched some
salient points. But I would like to share what this young man
said to HSUS Karen E. Lange, senior writer, re his vision for
Beyond Eggs and where he hopes it will lead.

Her question to Tetrick - How did your concern for animals
lead you to develop an alternative egg product?

"About 1.1 trillion eggs are laid every single year globally.
Most come from places that we wouldn't be too proud of if we
saw them, places that are awfully cruel, awfully unsustainable,
and pretty bad for our health. And I just thought that there's
got to be a better way to take the animal entirely out of the
equation when it comes to conventional egg production and do
something that's better and less expensive."

What a marvelous, compassionate, and beautiful human being. What
else can I say except that I hope and pray that his vision will
lead to the improvement of the billions of chickens globably who
today are terribly exploited-"living" lives of pure hell.

Josh Balk, Director of corporate policy for The HSUS's Farm Animal
Protection Campaign observed "Beyond Eggs could pave the way to
ending battery cage facilities so that the only eggs on the market
come from higher welfare, pasture-based systems."

Please God, may it happen.