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Story ID:9204
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Everywhere All states USA
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By Fred Wickert

At the present time President Obama is asking for a debate in congress and a vote to give him consent to unleash missiles on Syria. He says he has the authority to do it without congress, but thinks congress should weigh in on it too.

Of course, all this is a political calculation as is almost everything Obama does. What congress decides will be because of a Republican majority in the House. If the Republicans vote no, he can say they want to let Syria be killers of their own people with gas and they don’t care. If the Republicans vote yes, then he gets them to agree with him and he sends missiles to Syria, allegedly to punish Assad. Then if things go wrong, well it is not his fault because the Republicans told him to do it.

I suggest both Obama and congress be very careful what they do here. Obama is making speeches that it is in the interest of our national security to do this, but is it? I think that argument is pretty farfetched. The argument is that if we let Syria get away with using gas on their own people then what is to stop them from using gas on us? I think it is safe to say that if the Syrians or the Islamic Jihadists take a notion to do that, they will. It will not matter one whit whether we hit Syria with missiles or not. They will do it anyway.

There is far more to consider here. Who appointed us as the world’s policemen? Is that not what the United Nations is for? If the United Nations cannot do their job and if the U.N. is always against the United States all the time, I ask why don’t we stop funding the U.N. many times over what all other nations do? Why do we even allow them to make their home in our country? Shut off their funding. We can’t afford it now anyway. Why should we pay the U.N. to be against us all the time? What kind of fools are we?

Russia and China are against our doing this. Russia warns they will not sit on their hands and do nothing if we attack Syria. Obama has severely depleted our military power. We have just spent a decade at war. China is saying, “Don’t do this.” We have no money. We are printing it without gold to back it up and we are borrowing it from China. Is China going to keep lending us money if we do it after she told us, no, warned us not to do it? If we get pulled into a larger war, where will we get the funding for it? Obama and Kerry thought they were going to have partners with France and England. They have backed out, thinking maybe it is unwise.

Syria has warned that if we send missiles, they will in turn fire missiles at someone else and I ran has warned they will rain down missiles on Israel. Do we really want to take that chance? How do we justify that to Israel if they have Iranian missiles raining down on them because of us? Oh yes I know, Israel has the iron ring to shoot down incoming missiles. Can they stop all of them? Probably not. We don’t think Iran has nuclear weapons yet, but how do we know for sure? They have had time, how do we know N. Korea has not sent the Iranians a couple of nukes since all this started?

We certainly will not do it intentionally, but we could very easily touch off WWIII by firing missiles at Syria right now. As I see it, the biggest thing for us is Obama’s pride. He told Assad if he used chemical weapons that would be crossing the red line. Now the line has been crossed he has to do something to prove he is not a phony. It is not our national security interest we have to do it for. It is Obama’s pride we have to do it for. To me Obama’s pride is not worth possibly starting WWIII.

There are all kinds of assurances by both Obama and Kerry that we have irrefutable evidence Assad did it. So far, all I have heard about that proof is that the rebels had no access to chemical weapons. If that is all the evidence they have, it is not much. It is also faulty. Remember last year in September the rebel forces took a military base? Do you remember that there were chemical weapons stored on that base? Who says the rebels had no access to it? It was there on that base that they controlled for a while.

What intelligence do we really have and how dependable is it? Remember, Obama has made a shambles of the CIA and our intelligence services. Human intelligence is weak for our country. Our intelligence any more relies almost entirely on technology. Our human intelligence has been decimated. Obama says. That is a laugh because we have learned that Obama rarely tells the truth about anything. Then there is John Kerry. How reliable is he? According to him our military forces are nothing but a bunch of terrorists, rapists and baby killers. He said they were in Vietnam and he said they were in Iraq, or have folks forgotten about that? I would be much more inclined to believe it if I heard it from Leon Panetta, but not Kerry or Obama, or Hillary either, although she has not opined on this subject so far.

I think we are treading on very dangerous ground and I think Obama and the members of Congress better be very careful what they do. I ask again, is Obama’s pride worth starting WWIII? There is one other consideration I have not mentioned. Obama and Kerry are lamenting the horrible deaths of about 1400 innocent people, many of whom are women and children. Have they given any thought at all about how many innocent women and children they might kill with their missile attack? How about the innocent Israeli women and children that will be killed from the resulting Iranian missile attack on Israel?

I suggest that it is not really known for sure whether it was Assad or the rebels that did that gas attack. I suggest that we make darn sure before we do anything. I suggest that it was fool hardy of Obama to broadcast to the world what he is going to do and how he will do it. I suggest that if Assad is truly guilty, Obama keep his mouth shut, and then send a team like the Navy SEALS in to Syria to arrest Assad or to assassinate Assad. Never mind any missile attacks at all.

I suggest that any reader who agrees with me, cut and paste this article and send it to their congressman or senator. Many won’t pay any attention, but enough just might.

Please visit my website at: www.fredsstoryroom.com