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I'm There

Story ID:9226
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA. USA
Person:Older Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Iím There

When I was young
In my teens
On the farm
Shirtless and in jeans

Any older person
That I knew
Seemed different
As I do a review

My older Neighbors
Who lived close by
Some walked with a limp
One with a bad eye

Some moved slowly
Some were bent
Some hobbled along
Wherever they went

Some had trouble
With their eyes
Some trouble with
With their size

Some were fat some were thin
One in his teens
Lost his forearm
In a threshing machine

My great uncle
Whose pants were always wet
I loved this old man
Him Iíll never forget.

Every one of them
Put out a days work
None of the daily chores
Did they shirk

One had a rupture
He wore a wide belt
Kept things in place
Never complained about how he felt

I worked with this man
Loading bailed hay
Up on the hayrack
Worked all day

I was tired
I wanted to rest
Couldnít let him out do me
I was doing my best.

As I get older
I walk with a slight limp
Knees are wobbly
Back slightly bent

Sugar out of kilter
Cholesterol too
Hip replaced
Heart beating a tattoo

When I get down
I think of those old men
Who worked through it all
And never complained

Itís coming back
Now Iím the old man
Arms all white
No sign of a tan

I watch, carefully, where I step
Never taking a chance
Used to be nimble
How I loved to dance

Those days are behind me
Iíll take a stand
I will think of my old neighbors
And take it like a man.

Monte L. Manka 09-12-2013