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This Needs Challenging: The Hunter Harrassment Law

Story ID:9230
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:various various usa
Person:Anne Mueller
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A law that harrasses hunters? Something is amiss here. Aren't
the hunters the ones who are harrassing defenseless deer?
Where is it written in stone that hunters have the right to
pursue and kill deer not only in the woods but on YOUR

The AgGag Law, in my view and the view of any thinking, caring
person, has to be the pits. Well this new "Hunter Harrassment
Law" in Pennsylvania and in other states as well can share
this dubious distinction with the promoters of the AgGag Law.

Both laws are trying to shield man's cruelty to innocent,
defenseless animals. The AgGag law makes it a crime to
videotape farm animal cruelty, and this new Hunter Harrassment
Law makes it a crime to tell the hunter to get off your
property should a deer come on it seeking refuge from
men who wish to kill him/her. If I read correctly, it's
also a crime to make noise on your property during the
hunting season.

Please go to CARE 2 to sign this petition which is being
challenged by Jan Haagensen. She is asking the Supreme Court
of the US (Scotus) to take up the case. If you need some
inspiration -the picture of the deer on the Care2 site with
an arrow through her neck (half on one side and half on the
other side) may cause you to act.

I did. I signed the petition and also e-mailed the Supreme
Court to hear her case. Please do the same if concerned
about the injustice of this law. I'm sure you will be able
to find the Care2 -Harrasment Hunter Law site on the internet
if you wish to act.

Protecting a hunted animal on your property is a right and
it is much like the old beautiful concept of "sanctuary." When
applied, anyone who was hunted was protected from his pursuers
upon entering a church and asking for sanctuary.

Now, the same notion of "sanctuary" for those animals who seek
protection from the bullets or arrows of hunters on private
property is considered a crime. Instead of protecting the
rights of private ownership, this law is protecting the "rights"
of hunters bent on destroying an innocent life.

Obviously, the deer have no rights, but what about the property
owners who wish to offer them asylum? Their rights are being
violated by this Harrassment Hunter Law.

What's more important- the rights of the hunter or the rights
of the property owner? I couldn't believe what I read at Anne
Muller's petition site on Care 2:

"People across the country have been arrested on their own
property for interfering with armed hunters and charged with
"Hunter Harrasment" for:

*speaking on their cell phones
*chopping firewood
*playing the radio
*asking trespassing hunters to leave their property

On any property, if you merely ask a hunter not to shoot animals,
you can be charged with hunter harrassment!"

It seems to me that being an American no longer is a protection
against unfair and unjust laws. What do you think?