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Story ID:9235
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:All cities all states USA
Person:Obama and Kerry
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By Fred Wickert

So many things about President Obamaís proposed attack on Syria just donít add up. I keep asking myself why? What has it to do with our national interest or security as he keeps telling us? I think I am beginning to see that something is going on here that we are not being told about. There is a big smoke and mirrors game going on and we have been involved in it for a couple of years. Saudi Arabia is pulling the strings. When Obama first took office he went to Saudi Arabia and stunned us when he bowed to the King and appeared to kiss his ring. Now maybe we are beginning to learn why.

WND, a conservative news organization has been reporting that the Saudiís have been working to topple Assad for nearly two years. It was the Saudi security service who alerted the U.S. on the first claim of Sarin gas being used in Syria last February.

In October of 2012 WND reported the Saudiís were working with Qatar and Turkey to send weapons to the Syrian rebels. They also reported that Ambassador Stevens served as a chief contact with the Saudiís to coordinate recruitment by the Saudiís of Islamic fighters from N. Africa and Libya. The Jihadists were sent to Syria via Turkey to attack Assadís forces.

Last week Secretary of State John Kerry told Congress that Arab countries offered to pay for any U.S. military action in Syria.

The Wall Street Journal has reported a massive Saudi lobbying campaign to push the U.S. to act in Syria. The Journal reported the Saudi ambassador to Washington was leading the attempt to convince Congress and the White House to expand the U.S. role in Syria. It was also reported that an original Saudi goal was to get U.S. support to train Syrian rebels at camps in Jordan and they succeeded.

The U.S., Turkey and Jordan were running a training base for Syrian rebels in the Jordanian town of Safawi in the northern desert region of Jordan.

In May the New York Times confirmed the CIA was training rebels in Jordan under a covert program that also included a campaign to send weapons to the rebels via Arab and Turkish points.

Now, the Wall Street Journal reports the Saudis pushed for Jordanian training camps and sent AK-47ís and ammo. The Journal reported that in September and October last year the Saudiís approached Croatia to procure more weapons.

On the night of the September 11, 2012 attack on Benghazi U.S. Special Forces were stationed in Croatia on a training exercise. Their commander said they could have gone to the rescue in Benghazi but were ordered not to.

The Journal reported that in April the Saudi King sent President Obama a message that Americaís credibility was on the line if he let Assad and Iran prevail.

The potential for trillions of dollars in oil and gas revenue in deals that go through Syria territory may be the motivating factor for the U.S., Russia, Turkey and Arab states. Syria is the key energy route to Europe. A number of countries seem to be seeking dominance of the energy market that runs through Syria.

Syria has recently discovered a vast gas field of its own. Qatar has the worldís largest gas field along with Iran. Syria is one of the most strategic locations for a pipeline to flow to Europe.
There is a massive pipeline 3340 miles long being built by Russia, Syria and Iran. It could undercut the strategic energy power of U.S. ally Qatar and will cut Turkey out of the pipeline flow. Qatar has proposed a pipeline from the Gulf to Turkey through Syria to the Mediterranean with the gas then being shipped to Europe.

We are not hearing about any of this from President Obama or Secretary of State John Kerry, but obviously they not only know all about it, but are deeply involved in it. A strike in Syria will not be a new involvement for us. We have been deeply involved for two years at the behest of the Saudiís. It is also the Saudiís that are trying to get us to strike in Syria.

There have been some reports that seem to indicate Benghazi was no ordinary consulate, but a special place used solely for the recruitment of fighters for Syrian rebels and for distribution of arms to those rebels. It also looks like all the weapons the U.S. had given to Libyan rebelís, the U.S. was now trying to get back for the purpose of giving them to Syrian rebels.

We thought the cover up and the hiding of the truth in Benghazi was because of fear it might hurt reelection chances. Maybe there was far more to hide. It has often been asked why the Ambassador was in Benghazi that night. He was assigned to run the program for transfer of recruited fighters for Syria and distributing weapons to them. Maybe that is why he was there, because it appears that was the purpose of the Benghazi facility to begin with.

All of the above information causes me to ask the question, is our military now for hire? Is President Obama and Secretary Kerry willing to hire our military out to Qatar and the Saudi King? It sure is beginning to look that way to me, and I donít like that one bit. I doubt seriously if the Constitution provides for that anywhere. If so, the meaning is hidden well because I canít find it.

Finally, last week U.S. Army intelligence admitted they had evidence the Sarin Gas attack Obama and Kerry are huffing and puffing about, was committed by the rebels and made to look like ASSAD forces had done it. Further, there were more than a thousand fewer gas casualties than reported. The others were killed by bullets and it was staged to embellish the gas attack deaths report.

I ask, how can this be admitted by U.S. Army Intelligence and Obama and Kerry not know about it? Hmmmm?

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