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One More Time

Story ID:9242
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA USA
Person:Puzzled Chelsea Kansas Kid
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One More Time?

While down at Kristy’s donut shop
Just yesterday
While discussing some silly incident
I heard Floyd say

One more time
Just give me one more time
This started me to thinking
Would I want “one more time?”

Fishing on the Walnut River
Doing the things I did
Hunting squirrels and rabbits
When I was just a kid

Doing chores in the wintertime
Finishing after dark
Feeding, Haying, watering
Was no walk in the park.

Would I do it one more time?

I wouldn’t change a thing
I’d do it the same as before
It’d be a carbon copy
Of those days of yore.

Going to a country school
Picked on by the eight grade boys
Admonished by the teacher
For my making a kissing noise

Going on to high school
Graduate in “44”
Drafted into the Army
Heading off to war

On my way to somewhere
Across the blue Pacific
After thirty days hit land
Thought this terrific

Spent some time
On Okinawa then on to Korea
Okinawa not so bad
Korea “Mamma Mia”

Korea smelled so bad
The odor was horrific
What that odor was
I will not be specific.

Would I do it one more time?

You bet I would
The same as before
I met a multitude of new friends
Memories with me forever more.

Dated many girls
Couldn’t make up my mind
Met a girl from Russell Kansas
Thought her a terrific find

She said yes
63 years later
I still think she’s best

We had a boy and a girl
Bought the proverbial Kansas home
Tornado moved into town
Now California’s our new home

We’ve had our “Ups and downs”
Our troubles and our woes
Good times, bad times
As every married couple knows

Would I do it one more time?

I’d do it just the same way
Of course I would
I’d not change a thing
Even if I could.

We lost our son Scott
To that crazy cancer thing
While he was still in the Navy
Much sadness it did bring

He left a wife
A daughter and two sons
He was buried in
Riverside, Arlington

We still have great memories
Things that he did
Some ornery little things
When he was just a kid.

His first Date
His first car
His leaving for the Navy
Right after the Viet Nam war.

Would I do it one more time?

This I would change
In a fraction of a Minute
But it’s impossible to be changed
I’m sad to admit it.

Monte L. Manka 09-18-2013