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Taiji Dolphin Cruelty Awareness

Story ID:9247
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Taiji ? Australia
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Are you ready to boycott the Japanese Olympics if they do not
stop the cruel barbaric slaughter of the TAIJI DOLPHINS?

I am. This will be the second time I have boycotted the Olympic
Games, though probably it won't be the last. It seems there are
precious few countries which have a clean slate re the treatment
of animals, but some cruelties are worse then others.

And I also place the use of Confined Animal Farm Operations
(CAFOs) at the top of this list. Sadly, almost every country
has them, though I think the EU is trying to make compassionate
changes in some of their practices. I read that the member
nations will be phasing out the terribly confining gestation
crates used for sows which are incredibly cruel.

When people tell me that plants suffer, I really can't see the
parallel between their "suffering" and a living being who has
basic needs like our own. Plants do not have these same basic
needs, and they certainly don't have the same circulatory and
digestive systems that animals share with us.

The first time I boycotted the Olympic Games was when they were
held in Beijing, China. After I read about how some Chinese
were skinning alive Raccoon dogs for their fur, I had no problem
boycotting the Olympic games held there- even though I had always
loved watching them before.

Of course, in boycotting the games, I was in the tiniest of
minorities. Were others aware of this cruelty? Would they have
joined me in this boycott? Did they even care?

I asked others to boycott as well in a post here, but I doubt
that many did. This required a ground swelling of support which
obviously just didn't exist. However, I will always follow my
conscience, regardless of what others do.

Yesterday I got a much needed haircut, and in the course of
small talk with the hair stylist, I was saddened that she
was not aware of the shark fin cruelty which I believe both
the Chinese and Japanese engage in.

She obviously doesn't watch 60 Minutes or missed the episode
where this cruelty was documented by Paul Simon a couple
years back. Live sharks are hauled onto the boats and then
their fins are cut off. This must be absolutely painful for
them. Then the sharks are uncermoniously dumped alive back
into the ocean to land on the ocean floor to die.


I had read about this cruel slaughter before. Today I read
about it again on all-creatures.org.

I cannot describe it any better then they:

"The small fishing village of Taiji, Japan, is once again about
to become the scene of a brutal slaughter. Dolphins and pilot
whales are being herded in a quiet cove. Most of them will
never escape alive." They urgently need your voice!"

When the dolphins and whales are in the cove, fishermen bang
on large metal poles underwater to create a wall of sound that
disorients them. Driven toward shore and crowded into the
cove and trapped by nets, mothers and babies are separated.
Some dolphins are injured in the struggle and some even die
from stress and exhaustion.

Perhaps those are the lucky ones because many are stabbed with
long spears and hooks by the fishermen so that they can be hauled
into the boats while they still struggled. Here their throats
are slashed. It is not long before the sea turns red with the
blood of these innocent dolphins and whales.

It is believed that these killings are directly linked to the
lucrative trade in dolphins for the MARINE PARK INDUSTRY. The
documentary 'The Cove' reported seeing dolphin trainers assisting
fishermen in herding the dolphins. They do this in order to
choose those they deem suitable for a life in an aquarium. Then
these trainers turn a blind eye while the others are butchered
for their flesh. What kind of trainers and fishermen can engage
in such cruel butchery? Yes, sadly, once again the lure of money
rears its ugly head. Sure, we all need money, but cruelty should
not be a component of this need.

I have always been glad that I missed Sea World when it was in
Ohio. I got into an argument with my two sisters and they left
without me. Now I am grateful remembering that I didn't pay a
penny to see the captive whales and dolphins. In my opinion,
this money-making enterprise sadly contributes to much suffering
to dolphins and whales.

However, there are some small businesses which also cause these
beautiful sea creatures suffering. I remember reading about a
small tourist attraction where a lone whale was kept in a tiny
watery enclosure for years. This is cruel and indefensible.
How many more prisons like this exist?

This post noted that already 20,000 Aussies have spoken out for
these dolphins, and it is hoped that we will too.

Please tell the Japanese Amassador to Australia or in the United
States that there is no excuse for the barbaric cruelty of the
Taiji Cove dolphins.

Their information:

Ambassador Akimoto
Embassy of Japan in Australia
112 Empire Circuit
Yarralumla, Act Australia 2600

fax +61 2 6273 1848

In the US:

US Japanese Embassy
2520 Massachusetts Ave., N.W.
Washington, DC 20008

phone (202) 238-6700
fax (202) 328-2187

Charles Darwin has said something which I believe is apt to quote
here, though it is inpirational and applicable at any time or at
any place for that matter: