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House In the Middle of Nowhere

Story ID:9253
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Coroan CA USA
Person:Spoofin Chelsea Kansas Kid
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House In the Middle of Nowhere

House In the Middle of Nowhere

The House in the Middle of Nowhere

The wedding was in the spring
Back Missouri way
Levi promised his new wife
A home on the Kansas prairie

The trip to the location
Of their new house to be
With the wagon full of furniture
Beneath the covered canopy

Was thirty days
And thirty nights
Constant rain and hail
The weather was a sight

Here on the Kansas plain
They picked a grassy plot
Neath a pleasant sky
This was a perfect spot

To start building
Their new home on the range
For these two Missourians
This was quite a change

When the last stone was set
The dirt floor smoothed
The last shingle nailed
Time to move

Out of that covered wagon
Into their new abode
Lot more space
Got that wagon to unload

The Bride moved in her dowry
The groom moved in his shirt and shoes
The first night was enjoyable
But the Bride got the blues

She missed the inside bathroom
The large Kitchen
Her pretty bedroom
She really started gripen

She told the groom
Im going home to mama
The groom told her OK
Well start home tamara
(Tomorrow Groom had a speech impediment)

That little home on the range
Now an empty shell
Only the snakes, spiders and flies
In this cabin dwell

The roof is falling in
The windows are broken
Not another word about the house
Is spoken

All the back breaking work
This new groom did
All of it was for nothing
So he bid

To the Home on the Kansas Prairie
With his happy bride
They headed for Missouri.

Monte L. Manka 09-20-13