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Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Everywhere All States USA
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By Fred Wickert

I had a career in the U.S. Air Force. I was a member of the Air Force police force. As such, in the 1960ís I was chosen to be one of the elite group of men providing security for Air Force One and the White House fleet. Most of the American public is unaware of the fleet. When I was there it consisted of about 40 aircraft.

I arrived there soon after John F. Kennedy became President. I came there from Florida where I had also been involved with Mace and Matadore missiles aimed at Cuba until the Soviets blinked. President Kennedy did something else I remember well. He cut taxes and it gave the economy a tremendous boost. I was there when his body returned from Texas and was doing my best to keep members of the press inside the portable press box we had set up on the flight line. I watched and was part of the security around the plane as his body was unloaded from the plane and loaded in to a Navy ambulance for the trip to Bethesda. I watched as a Navy officer lifted Jackie off the back of the lift truck to the ground. I watched as our new president, Lyndon Johnson came off the plane and walked to the waiting helicopter.

I remember well how the Democrats revered John F. Kennedy and how for years he was their icon. I remember well how he believed in lower taxes, a strong well equipped military and civil rights. Now his Democrat party believes in more taxes. Never cutting them oh my, no. Now his party is cutting and gutting the military. Now all his party believes in for the most part is just the opposite of what he did or believed in.

I remember very well the civil rights strife. I remember Rosa Parks. I remember the governor standing on the university steps with others to prevent black students from entering the college, and carrying axe handles with every intention of using them to beat any black student who dared come up the steps. I remember Waats where National Guard opened fire on demonstrators on a college campus. I remember murders of blacks committed by KKK members, some of whom as an ex-cop I am ashamed to say were cops. I remember how shocked I was when my wife and I arrived at Andrews Air Force Base, while trying to find a place to live, seeing signs at trailer parks and apartment complexes. Those signs said, ďNo dogs, GIís or Niggers allowed.Ē Yes, right there in our nationís capital. A fine advertisement for America, donít you think?

I remember a great man of strength, integrity and character leading marches in the civil rights movement. He was a black church pastor and he was a marvelous speaker. He could make a speech that held one spellbound. He was a wonderful man who preached non-violence. His name was Dr. Martin Luther King.

The White House and the White House fleet became very involved. A number of flights went south carrying justice department officials, White House aides and FBI agents. In the beginning larger planes carried larger groups. Later a smaller group of undercover men flew back and forth from Washington to trouble spots. The fleet had a number of Lockheed Jet stars. The Jet Star was a business executive type jet. Johnson used one when he was vice president. He kept it for himself when he became president and another one was assigned to Hubert Humphrey when he was VP.

The Jet Star had two small jet engines on each side of the air plane. It flew very fast and turned like a fighter. It carried thirteen passengers and a crew of three. One of these planes was towed in the hangar one night and given a new paint job. The American flag was removed from the tail. The plane was painted solid white and the tail number was removed. It had a small N number painted on the side of the fuselage, almost unseen. N numbers are for civilian aircraft. Military aircraft numbers have no N in them. This plane for quite some time was used to fly undercover FBI and Justice Dept. personnel in and out of racial unrest hotspots. They were under the direct orders of President Johnson. Whether Dr. King had any knowledge of this, I do not know. We in the fleet fondly referred to it as the spook or the ghost.

I remember all of that. I remember the news reports every day. I remember the courage of Dr. King and his refusal to give up. I remember the slow victories he achieved. I remember his great ďI have a dreamĒ speech in Washington at the Lincoln Memorial and I remember the shock and the sorrow the nation felt at his assassination.

I watched the signs come down. I watched the separate bathrooms and drinking fountains become a thing of the past and the black people dining in restaurants they would previously not have been allowed in. I remember the integration of public schools. I remember attitudes changing. I remember all the great strides that were made in acceptance. Black and white people began to get along together and respect each other.

I became eventually a supervisor and shift commander in the Presidential Security. As such it was my job to write performance reports on the men who worked under me. Two or three of these men who were black, received the finest reports I ever wrote. The Operations Sgt, the Operations Officer and the Commander, Lt. Col. Barr concurred without hesitation. I remember well how one of them came to me embarrassed. He thought I had praised him more than he deserved. I disagreed. He was without a doubt one of the finest duty performance men I ever had, certainly the sharpest in appearance man probably in the entire Air Force, and he was also one of the finest human beings I ever met. His name was Willie C. Hill. I will never forget him. He was truly outstanding.

As I look back I remember all of these things. Now I see what is going on in this country and I do not like it. I think single handed, Barack Obama has done more than any other person in this country to turn race relations back at least 30 or 40 years. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have done their share, but they canít hold a candle to Barack Obama. I believe if the Reverend Dr.Martin Luther King were alive today he would be appalled and outraged with all three of them.

I find it very strange that all over the country now in nearly every city, there are groups of black people playing a game they call Knockout. It is not a very nice game. They find a seemingly defenseless white person and beat them until they are unconscious. In some cases the victim dies. Frequently arrests are easily made because they video tape it and put it on the internet and boast about it. One of the three who shot in the back and killed the athlete from Australia posted tweets and boasted of his three knockouts scored prior to the shooting. I ask myself, where did this come from? Why is the government so quiet about it? Why doesnít the media report it? Could it be it is resulting from the conduct of President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton in the aftermath of the Trevon Martin case? Oh yes, and let us not forget the biased reporting by the news media for the most part. I donít know if they are the cause, but they sure didnít help it any.

Now we have the tragedy of completely innocent white people being badly beaten and often killed, and the tragedy of otherwise normal black people, youths mostly, being hauled off to jail charged with murder because of a stupid game called knockout, The game as I understand it, is to find an innocent white person and hit them repeatedly until they are unconscious.

Another great tragedy is that when we finally get a black president, and I donít mean Bill Clinton who liked to say he was the first black president, I mean Obama, he turns out to be so devastating not only to this country, but to the black people of this country. He has done nothing to help them and much in my view, to hurt them. A pity the first black president could not have been somebody worthy like former Congressmen J. C. Waats or Thomas Seoul or Congressmen and former Army Colonel Alan West. Then we could have had a worthy president. This one is destroying our country as fast as he can. If you are black or if you are white doesnít matter because we are all paying the price and the price is dear.

First photo is Air Force 2 showing full view what a Jet Star looks like.
Second photo is of the author guarding Air Force 2. Both photos are of the same air plane.

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