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Uncle Fossills Mangled History Story

Story ID:9271
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Once (and only once) when I was very young (and quiet innocent) I was sitting with my uncle Fossill out on the front porch of his little cabin up there in podunk county one evening when I happen to ask him if he had ever been a cowboy,"Boy" he said I personally aint never had the in-cle-na-tion to ride no horse all day long chasing after a bunch of smelly cows....but I have met a few in my life time,you see,away back yonder,the north and the south had a war,and they messed up all the dad burned country between here and warshington so bad that the generals from the north and the generals from the south had a big meeting,the northern generals wanted to go up to canada and have a war with the canadians but the southern generals wait a minute,looky here we got all thhat lanf out yonder in the west an there aint no body out there guarding it but a few indians while up yonder in canada them british got all them guns,so it was agreed that they would go out west and have a war with the indians,so they called up tame bill hiccup, watts burp and the jessie lame gang to take general custard out to a place called the alamo,which was in new mexico,and general custard he was a cooking up some good ole potato stew for the irish who was working on the rail road that was gonna link up the east and west,well it seems that the ral road was using some golden spikes to nail down the rails with and watt burp and matt basterson decided to rob a train to get them golden spikes,they was gonna sell them to the government....i never did hear the last of the story as i had drifeted off to sleep and was dreaming of being a cowboy.
which in restrospect,was exactly what Uncle Fossill had planed in the first place.:)