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Our Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Story ID:9285
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA USA
Person:Sorry Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Our Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Our Franklin Delano Roosevelt

During old FDRs
Twelve year reign
This was his legacy
Please let me begin

There are several important buildings
On any farm
House, Corn crib, hog shed
And the barn

But the most important of all
Was the outhouse, Privy, or John
Keeping you out of the cold wind
Or from getting rained on

While you were there
Taking care
Of the daily
Most important chore

But our outhouse
Is atilt today
Built by old FDRs

She once was a thing of beauty
We were so proud
Thank you FDR for the WPA
You built in our back yard

Way back in the thirties
Our new outhouse, in the back
Fifty feet from the house
Surrounded by Lilacs

We were so proud
No more wasps or bees
Buzzing around your head
While your pants were down around your knees

But in the winter time
When the frost was on the seat, therein
Still had to be melted
With your bare skin

When friends called
For coffee, milk or tea
They left early
Doncha see

For through the kitchen window
They could see the WPA
Surrounded by those lilac bushes
I would hear them say

Well we must go home
We have a cow thats down
Time for her medicine
So we will be movin on

So with heavy heart
With a sorrowful sigh
When I see our old tilted outhouse
Brings a tear to my eye

For I can remember when
She stood there straight and true
Ready day or night
So you could do what you had to do.

Monte L. Manka 10-1-2013