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Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Every city Every state USA
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By Fred Wickert

For the longest time now, Republicans in Congress have promised to fight, only to throw in the towel. Many have been afraid of what the media might say about them if they fight. They are especially afraid of the media calling them racist if they criticize Barack Obama.

Oh please. Since when has the media ever had anything nice to say about a Republican? If it happens at all, it sure is a rarity.

The Rhino Republicans who are a part of the establishment in Washington seem to be taking advice from Democrat pundits who are constantly telling them what they have to do to win in an election. The Democrats are even handing out this sage advice and especially Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer and Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. Now really, just why should any Republican think the advice of these people as to what the Republicans must do to win elections, is sincere and legitimate advice? Do they really think these Democrats want to see them win an election? Why? Do they think the Democrats are feeling sorry for them or something? It sure seems like some of those Rhinos really believe that. They are pretty gullible people if you ask me.

The so called Tea Party Republicans were elected because they promised to do all they could to fight Obama Care. The people don’t want it and were against it from the start. Yet, when they act to defeat it the Rhinos insult them, chastise them, take away their committee assignments and chastise them generally.

Now, the people are fed up. They see defunding Obama Care now as the last chance to defeat it. They have inundated the Congressmen with E-mails and phone calls and letters and petitions demanding they defund Obama Care. The republicans in the House, including a reluctant leadership who were more comfortable throwing in the towel, nave finally at long last, begun to listen to the people for a change. As yet, the Democrats in the Senate and 27 Republican Rhino’s in the Senate continue to ignore the people. Why? Because they don’t come up for reelection next year. They think when they do, the people will have forgotten.

The Republicans in the House have worked hard to do what the people are demanding and at the same time to compromise on other issues. They have sent bill after bill to the Senate, with a number of Democrats voting for it too. What happens when it gets to the Senate? Harry Reid declares all of them dead on arrival, without even reading them to see what they say. Then he gets in front of as many cameras as he can and calls the Republicans a bunch of names because they don’t do what Obama wants.

Obama makes all kinds of speeches calling the Republicans a bunch of names and declares that he refuses to negotiate. That is one of the few things he has not lied about. He will not talk to them. He will talk to Syria and he will talk to Iran and he will send arms and supplies to our enemies Al Quida, but he refuses to negotiate with Republicans. He also declares that he will veto any bill that comes to his desk that is not as he dictates it. Now, I have to ask, does that sound like a President of the United States or does that sound more like a dictator or perhaps the President of Venezuela?

The President and a host of Democrats are blaming the government shut down on the Republicans. They say the Republicans did it. Oh really? That is not the way it looks to me. The Republicans kept sending bills to the Senate to fully fund the government and not to shut down the government, except that they did not fund Obama Care. The American people have ordered them not to. The Republicans did fund the government and the Democrats rejected it. That shows me that the Democrats being led by President Obama and Harry Reid have shut down the government. But that is par for the course. Obama has always blamed everything on somebody else. He is never responsible for anything, except maybe killing Osama Bin Laden. That he did take credit for.

He also takes credit for creating thousands of jobs he didn’t create, and for fixing the economy which he does his best to destroy, but that he and the Democrats will deny.

So now, the government is shut down which is exactly what the Democrats wanted, they run to the cameras of a willing media that is a propaganda arm of the Democrat party now, and one after the other indulge in a long list of name calling, while blaming the Republicans for shutting down the government, which they themselves did. You see, if they can make the people believe that, it will give them the win in the next election. If they win, they get back the House of Representatives. Then they own the white house, both houses of congress and probably even the Supreme Court, whose rulings Obama ignores anyway, without challenge. And while we are on that subject, he ignores the Constitution the same way and with the same results.

So here we are people, with the Republicans finally and at long last, are doing the will of the people and have desperately tried to compromise by sending several different bills to the Senate and worked all weekend while Obama went to play golf and the Senate took the weekend off, and the Democrats and the media report to the people that the Republicans shut down the government because they don’t care about the people.

The government shut down yesterday. CNN did a report on 200 children with cancer who lined up for treatment but could not get in because the government is shut down. They blame it om Republicans. Then there was a news conference with Harry Reid. Someone had informed the CNN reporter that the Republicans had sent a bill to the Senate specifically funding the facility and program in question, so the children could get their cancer treatment, but Harry Reid rejected it and refused to act on the bill. The CNN reporter asked Harry Reid about it in the news conference. She said, “Isn’t the life of a single child with cancer important enough to accept that bill?” Harry Reid replied, “I can’t worry about one child when I have 1100 people stuck over here at Dulles Air Force Base. I have to worry about them.” In the first place, there is no Dulles Air Force Base. It is an international airport outside of Washington, D.C. in Virginia. I have no idea if the government shut down caused 1100 people to be stuck there, but I believe if they are it is far less important than 200 hundred children being denied their cancer treatment by Harry Reid for purely political reasons. Truthfully, the entire government shutdown is for purely political reasons. It is all being done by the Democrats while they blame it on the Republicans who tried to keep the government going but were refused by Obama and Reid. Be sure to remember the facts and not the rhetoric.

Yup, it figures. It is just par for the course. I suggest that if the people want to save our country, the Republicans defeat the Rhino’s in the primary’s and replace them with Tea Party type candidate’s, and all of the voters replace every Democrat incumbent with a Republican. Then hold their feet to the fire to force them to do the right thing. Never mind the rhetoric. See what is really going on and act according to the truth and not the rhetoric. That is the kind of change we really need.

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Correction: I guess my hearing must be going. When I first heard it, it sounded like Harry Reid said Dulles air force base when talking to the female reporter. I have heard the tape played back several times since posting this essay and now I know that he said Nellis air force base, which is in his state. In other words, there are 1100 people not working because of the government shut down and no money to pay them. Harry Reid is far more concerned about them than he is the 200 children who could not get their cancer treatment.