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Our Kitchen Clean

Story ID:9291
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Caldwell ID USA
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It was a normal fall Saturday in our apartment. I watched a college football
game. Ginny joined me for an hour or two. She showered and went for Groceries.
Normally, I'd join her, but there was a game I wanted to see, so she went alone.

She came home. Together, we put the groceries away. I went back to my game,
as she prepared to make a pot of chili.

She reached into the refrigerator for the ground beef I cooked the night before.
She picked up the container. The lid popped up. The bottom dipped and half of the
cooked ground beef spilled to the floor.
Apparently, I didn't seal the lid properly.
I heard her yell out, looked in her direction and saw the cooked beef all over the

We cleaned up. I apologized for not sealing the container properly.

Ginny went back to the grocery story for more ground beef.

Two hours later, our apartment was filled with the scent of a hot chili.

After we ate, I cleaned up.

I put the leftover chili into a container, lifted the empty crock pot to put into the
sink to clean. The bottom of the crock pot hit the container of chili and knocked it to
the floor.

Chili splashed everywhere. It was on the cabinet doors on both sides of our
small apartment kitchen. It was on the oven door and the dishwasher too.

It was my turn to yell out.

Once again, Ginny and I cleaned the kitchen.

Not once did either of us get upset with the other.

We know these things happen. We support each other.

We make messes. A good relationship overcomes and survives.

Together we make it right. Our love keeps us together and …the kitchen clean.

Michael T. Smith