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My Dad's Dad's Watch

Story ID:9299
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA USA
Person:Treasure of the Chelsea Kansas Kid
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My Dad's Dad's Watch

My Dad's Dad's Watch

My Dadís Dadís Watch

While looking for things
For a yard sale today
One box of paper trash
I was going to throw away

As I shuffled through the trash
There was a thump in the box
As I looked closer through the trash
I found my Dadís Dadís watch

That old Elgin
Was long lost from me
But there it was in the trash
I was not able to see.

When I started Junior High
In my Khaki uniform
You really couldnít tell
I was fresh off the farm

I had a leather strap
Tied to the watch secured to my belt
I thought it a Status symbol
Not the way the city kids felt.

They made fun of me
And laughed at my Old Elgin
I was so proud
I took it with a grin

Dadís Dadís old watch
Kept perfect time
I was so happy
I told everyone it was mine.

I met Jay Lawrence, a city boy
That befriended this country lad
He stood by me
Never made me look bad

Dadís Dadís watch
Finally quit telling time
I stuck it in a drawer
Outa sight, Outa mind

We had moved six or seven times
I had forgotten about the box
In all those moves
I had lost track of that old watch

Granddad died at 92
Back in 1933
Had a grocery store
In Lockwood, Missouri

I know the Elginís age is not a record
Means nothing to anyone but me
Not worth but a few bucks
But brings back good memories.

Granddadís grocery store had a cracker barrel
Where older men would gather
Discuss religion, politics, and taxes
And definitely the weather.

My Dad a Kansas farmer
Worked 14 hours a day
Plowing, planting, sowing
For darn little pay.

So Dadís Dadís old Elgin
Brings back memories to me
Of the good and bad old days
And how it used to be.

Monte L. Manka 10-6-2013