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Story ID:9302
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:All cities All states USA
Person:Obama & Harry Reid
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By Fred Wickert

Though he refuses to release the records, it is claimed that Barack Obama is a graduate of Columbia University and of Harvard Law School. I have not read them but I have heard according to his books, he spent part of his time absent from class and smoking pot. Maybe he was smoking pot when the subject of negotiation came up. He seems to have a completely different idea of negotiation than all the rest of us.

He has made some speeches recently in which he has announced flatly that he will not negotiate with the Republicans. In White House press meetings or briefings his spokesmen have denied this and insisted he will negotiate with them. Now, in meetings with the press, when asked about the subject he said, he will negotiate any time, any place about any subject, but in regards to Obama Care and debt ceiling he wants the House of Representatives to pass a clean continuing resolution fully funding Obamacare and raising the debt limit, and then he will negotiate with them.

When one negotiates, are they not supposed to talk and discuss things before the bill is passed? I know political double speak is difficult to understand sometimes, but it seems to me that what he is saying is, I will negotiate, but only if you give me everything I want. I went to Cornell and I didnít learn it that way.

I wonder what is the point of talking if one will not talk until the deal is done, and then only if it is done to my satisfaction?

Harry Reid, Majority Leader of the Senate has been chastising the Republicans, I can only guess he has forgotten there are some Democrats in the House of Representatives also, for their refusal to fund Obama Care. He has resorted to calling them all sorts of names. He is at the same time extolling the virtues of Obama Care and how wonderful it will be for the American people.

I wonder Harry Reid, if you really are so fond of Obama Care and believe in it so much, why have you seen to it that your state, the state of Nevada is exempted from Obama Care? Just why is that Harry Reid? Why is it Harry Reid, that you fixed it up with the president to make sure that the government will subsidize members of Congress and their staff members 75% of the costs? If Obama Care is such a good deal Harry Reid, why is it you have arranged to have your home state exempted from it, and the members of congress and their staff to be subsidized 75% of the costs, while you are at the same time so anxious to shove it down our throats when we have said from the start that we want no part of it?

The President has been making a lot of speeches in the last few days about our defaulting on our debt if the House does not pass the continuing resolution with full funding for Obama Care and with raising the National Debt limit.

Why Mr. President do you even say such a thing? Obama Care has nothing at all to do with the payment on the interest of the National debt. Whether or not we default also has nothing at all to with whether or not we raise the debt limit. We are only in default if we fail to pay the interest. Neither Obama Care or the debt ceiling has anything to do with defaulting on the debt. Taxes have been bringing in 250 billion dollars. To pay the interest on the debt only requires 30 Billion dollars. The only way we can be in default Mr. President is that you refuse to pay it. The money is there. All you have to do is pay it. Your ability to pay it has nothing at all to do with increasing the debt limit. All that has to do with is whether or not you will be able to spend more because you can borrow more. So why do you keep telling that big lie? Funding Obama Care has nothing to do with whether or not we default either. Why are you telling the American people that it does?

In the government shut down Mr. President, you ordered the park service to deny access to the memorials in the mall. They have actually spent more money to place barricades around them to keep people out. The government has been shut down something like seventeen times Mr. President, and never before has this been done. In the media and on the floor of the congress it is constantly being blamed on the Republicans, but the Republicans didnít do it Mr. President. You did. You gave the orders. Now all of a sudden the left wing groups advocating for amnesty for illegal immigrants wants to have a big rally on the same mall and you allow them to do it. It is well known you are also in favor of what they are after. Is that why you allow it Mr. President?

It seems to me Mr. President, that in your mind, some of us Americans are not as good as other Americans and only the ones you favor should be allowed any rights. People who demonstrate for things against our Constitution and against our laws are to have all kinds of right afforded to them while we veterans, those of WWII, those of Korea and those of Vietnam, have no rights. I am a Korean Veteran and also a Vietnam veteran. As such, I want to know Mr. President, why do a bunch of left wing groups advocating for a bunch of non Ė Americans who have violated our laws, have more right to access our national mall to visit memorials erected to those of us who put our lives on the line for this country? I really want to know Mr. President? I want to know why?

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