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Story ID:9314
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Washington D.C. USA
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By Fred Wickert

Once upon a time we had a two party political system in our country. There were the Democrats and the Republicans. There were two basic philosophies. The Democrats believed, and still do, in higher and more taxes, bigger government and greater government control over everything. They believe that it is a sin to be rich and that the rich people should share their riches with the other people who did not have as much as they.

The Republicans believed in lower and fewer taxes, smaller government and less government control over everything. They believed in Capitalism and free markets. They believed if people through hard work and enterprise, got wealthy then they had achieved the American Dream and had a right to keep their hard earned money.
The Republicans believed things should be made easier for the people to have opportunity to be independent. To be self sufficient and to make our country that way too. They believed in a strong defense.

The Democrats believed they knew better than the people what is better for them. They believe in lots of regulations about everything. They believe everyone must look to the government for solutions to everything, while the Republicans on the other hand believed private enterprise could do it better.

Well, it looks to me like the Republican party in truth, no longer exists. We have been experiencing since October first a partial government shut down. It was never necessary to begin with, but President Obama and Harry Reid wanted it that way. They wanted to make life as miserable as they could for the people so they could blame it all on the Republicans, and they did just that. It was not working at first so then the President, who is a Democrat, began bringing the Default on the Government Debt into the discussion. He wanted to scare people, and it worked.

The truth is there was never going to be a default. The only way there could have been a default is if the President thumbed his nose at the Constitiution. The Constitution requires him to pay on the government debt before paying anything else. THERE IS ENOUGH MONEY TO DO THAT! Default was never part of it but the Democrats kept introducing it as a threat. If we had defaulted it would have been grounds for impeachment. Of course that won’t happen either because there are not enough people in the Senate I am sorry to say, with enough integrity to vote to impeach him no matter what he does. I believe he could commit murder on national television and the Democrats would not impeach him. Obama can do anything he wants and no one will stop him.

We have three men in Congress of the Republican party who stand for what the Republican party used to stand for. They are Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul. They are the only true Republicans left in Congress. Those old time Republican Leaders of the party, cannot do enough to trash them. They are the only ones who try to do what is right, and all the others spit on them and trash them.

McConnel, McCain, Graham, Corker, Alexander, Boehner and a host of others who are supposed to be the leaders of the Republican party do all they can to shoot down the only three men who have the guts to stand for what is right and for what the American people want. The other people who wear the sign Republican and do not actively trash the three good ones are just a bunch of sheep who sit there and collect their pay check and their benefits and little else. Today they showed Barack Obama how obedient they are to him. I heard Boehner talk about fighting again in December, January and February. I cannot believe a single word. They did what they always do. They caved in. They know how to make excuses but they don’t know how to fight. Today Boehner got a standing ovation and I am scratching my head and asking, “What for?”

I don’t find any real Republicans any more except those three I mentioned earlier. There is no one there who stands for the things I listed earlier as the principals of the Republican party. Those who wear the sign are not for those things. They prove it over and over.

The real America of old is dead. Obama, Schumer, Reid, Pelosi, Boehner, McCain, Graham McConnel, and others have killed her. Satan and George Soros are rubbing their hands with glee.

The cost to the American people? I don’t have the figures but they are grim. Millions more unemployed than ever before. Millions more on food stamps than ever before. Investors money has brought almost zero return since Obama took office. The world’s greatest health care system is no more. The hospital where my sister died sent out a letter that there will no longer be surgery performed there. Other hospitals are giving up entire departments. Insurance companies all over the country are notifying their clients they have to look elsewhere because they can no longer insure them for health care. Millions of others are getting health insurance premium notices that their health insurance premiums are going up two and three hundred percent.

There are countless other ways the people are paying the price, and for what? So the President and the Democrats can have more power. I had no idea a little imagined power and feeling important like some kind of big shot could be worth other people’s suffering and grief.

Oh I almost forgot. There is one more group who are to blame. That group is the American People who sat back with their hands out, thinking they are getting something for nothing. Well, for a while maybe, but they have run out of other people’s money and soon they won’t be able to borrow and then it will be all over. Money will become worthless and it won’t be any good any more. A dollar is only worth about 60 cents on the foreign market now. Soon it won’t buy anything. Then it will become survival of the fittest. At what cost to us? At what cost?

After posting this article I learned more about the bill being passed tonight. We have been betrayed to an even greater ext5ent than I ever imagined. A deal was made. McConnel is from Kentucky, so for his cooperation, a facility in Kentucky, his state, will receive an ear mark of more than a billion dollars. As for the increase in the debt limit, the Constitution has once again been trashed and so have we thew people. It is written into the bill that both houses can vote on a bill against raising the debt limit, which can then be vetoed by the president. Then the veto will require TWO THIRDS VOTE OF BOTH HOUSES TO OVER RIDE THE VETO. IF THE VETO IS ALLOWED TO STAND THE PRESIDENT CAN INCREASE THE DEBT LIMIT AS HE CHOOSES. iF THAT IS NOT AKIN TO TREASON i DON'T KNOW WHAT IS.

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