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More Animal Cruelty

Story ID:9320
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Quincy Mass. usa
Person:Puppy Doe
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In this small post I will never be sble to cover the multitude
of crimes committed against innocent animals. Every day I get
accounts of animal cruelty, but I decided I should share just
one of them today whose story has captured world attention.


Susan Bird on Care2 warns us that if we hate stories about
cruelty to animals, we should pass on this one. So you are

Kija was once a happy little brindle and white pit bull who
had a good home for a very short while. Her first owner wanted
to keep her, but her landlord would not allow her to have a pit
bull puppy. The first of other mistakes made re this little
innocent dog. Did this landlord refuse to allow companion
animals or only pit bulls?

Kija's owner decided to put an ad on Craig's list. Big, big
mistake if she offered her "free to a good home." We were
always warned never to advertize a companion animal this way.
Unscrupulous people jump at the chance to get a free dog who
they might even sell to a research lab where they might well
suffer hurtful, invasive procedures - unnecessary ones in many
people's opinions including some well respected doctors.

And then there are people from hell who prey on innocent animals
as we will soon learn about.

I made that mistake too, and today I wonder what happened to
"Candy" who I gave to a "guy" who responded to my ad. I really
was sorry that I didn't do my homework like asking for money-
by asking if I could visit Candy once she was settled in her
new home.

The guy may have balked, and that would have been good for
Candy. I would have had to look for a better home. Candy, I hope
I was wrong about worrying that I had made a mistake. Your birth
was not the product of my mistake because all my animals were
altered. But you may have been the product of my poor judgment.

Though Kiya did get a new owner, she sadly didn't keep her for
very long. Did she then abandon Kiya or did she surrender her
to the monsters who would torture this innocent little dog

That question needs to be answered because the monsters were
long gone after torturing poor Kiya. If they are not found,
they will probably continue to look for other innocent victims
to torture.

Kiya was found on August 23rd by a passerby who found her
abandoned near a playground in Quincy, Mass. She was in
terrible condition and unable to walk. She had been tortured.
Now this unknown tortured little puppy needed a name and was
hereafter called Puppy Doe.

Bird wrote that "She had been "drawn," which is a medieval-
style torture that stretches the limbs until the joints pull
apart. Her wrist, ankle, and elbow bones were separated from
their joints and a leg bone was almost broken in half."

Can you even begin to imagine the terrible excruciating pain
of this torture? What kind of persons take joy in causing such
pain to an innocent little dog? I hope you will join me in prayer
that these less than human beings be caught and severely punished.
Too bad there is no such punishment as an eye for an eye and a
tooth for a tooth.

Dr. Martha Smith-Blackmore said that Puppy Doe was drawn over
and over and over. When the doctor did a post-mortem examination,
she found it very difficult to continue. But of course, she did,
and this is the report she filed:

" That's not all Puppy Doe endured, though. Not by a longshot. In
addition to extreme malnouishment, Puppy Doe's tongue had been
cruely sliced in order to create a snake-like split, She'd been
stabbed in the right eye, burned on the nose and beaten. She had
broken ribs, broken vertebrae, and crushed cheekbones."

The doctor also noted that the torture occured over weeks or months.
She marveled that Puppy Doe was stll alive though she realized that
after a good meal and some loving care, she had to be euthanized.

At this site which you can find on the internet is a video where
Jane Velez-Mitchell discusses the Puppy Doe case. What a wonderful
caring reporter.

There is a great concern that these horrible people be apprehended
because, as the Norfolk District Attorney noted in a press release,
"...that it is highly unlikely that this level of sadistic cruelty
could be shown to one animal and not be part of a pattern involving
other animals or perhaps vulnerable people.

There was also something more to think about at the end of Bird's
post - PIT BULL PARANOIA AND CRAIGSLIST. We are wrong to label all
pit bulls as dangerous. The only ones who are dangerous are the poor
unfortunate ones who land in the hands of cruel owners who train
them to fight. They are the ones who should be punished with

Just yesterday, I met a woman with a pit bull dog who was her
guide dog. I was pleased because in my city they are sadly banned.
Amazing that they granted her a dispensation.

Still I am glad that I had made it a point to send a letter to the
Mayor and the four councilpeople that I am ashamed of the city for
banning a breed that is no more dangerous than any other breed in
the hands of loving people. I enclosed a recent article on the
subject proving this point. Even President Obama said that he does
NOT subscribe to Breed Specific Laws.

I believe that pit bull paranoia has resulted in many innocent pit
bulls being terribly mistreated. Is this the case with Puppy Doe
or will any breed satisfy the obvious cruel bent in these monsters?