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A Message to President Obama Re Diet

Story ID:9322
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Lakewood Ohio usa
Person:George Carlin
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Dear President Obama,

Somehow I am hoping that you will get this message through
this forum. Why have I not written you a letter? Well, a
couple years back I read somewhere that you get hundreds of
letters each day, and that the mail sorters pick out only
TEN which they think are representative of the electorate at
large for you to read each day. I figured the chances of my
letter making the cut were slim to none. So, I am trying
this method.

On Care2 there is a daily Cause site where we can click
petitions re health and human issues, animal cruelty, and the

Also at this link, there is always an inspirational quote.
This day there was one from George Carlin, comedian (1937-2008).
When looking up his bio, I found out he was more than just a
comedian. He was a social critic, philosopher, satirist, actor,
and writer. Impressive by any one's standards - I know you will
agree. His quote is the reason I am writing to you. In my
opinion, he packed a whollop in ONE short paragraph.

In it he tackles the problem of the disappearing RAIN FORESTS,
hope you will be too. Here it is:

"Every 60 seconds, thirty acres of rain forest are destroyed
in order to raise beef for fast food restaurants that sell it
to people, giving them strokes and heart attacks, which raise
medical costs and insurance rates, providing insurance companies
with more money to invest in large corporations that branch
out further into the third world so that they can destroy more
rain forests."

Wow! Such a small paragraph but filled with a lot of common-
sense truth. Who can dispute it?

The only disappointing thing for me is that he neglects to
mention farm animal suffering, and sadly there are precious few
of us who do really care about them. We are called vegetarians
or vegans. For many of us- it is animal suffering more than anything
else which made it so easy to change our diet.

BUT PRESIDENT OBAMA - you certainly are concerned about the COST
of health care for all Americans - aren't you? You are concerned
about everyone being as healthy as they can be- aren't you? Here
George Carlin succintly provides in ONE paragraph reasons why we
should stop buying burgers in fast food places.

You love hamburgers I was told. Then you should be the one to
make the first healthful change. No need to fret about economics.
All these fast food places can convert to selling veggie burgers
or any other healthful fare.

They are even making a hamburger in a lab which tastes like the
hamburgers you so love. And there is even an egg product which
hopefully will soon be on the market to replace McDonald's Egg
McMuffins which cause such horrible suffering to caged chickens-
never free to bask in the sun or even move around.
I hope you are not laughing, because this is no laughing matter.
Not only are we destroying the rain forests which can provide us
with medicinal herbs, but by consuming fast food hamburgers as
Carlin notes, we are hurting our health and we are making health
insurance companies wealthy by indulging in these hamburgers
which are bad for us, bad for the environment, and bad for cows.

Just today I received an e-mail which showed the "Saddest Slaughter-
house Footage Ever" (which did not show the actual slaughter
but views a reluctant, frightened cow being prodded into the slaughter
line.) And for what? - so you can enjoy a hamburger or your family's
favorite steak dinner on Fridays? I think you, your family, and all
of us could well learn some lessons on compassion if we watched it.

I assure you that the insurance companies probably are not fond
of me. Because of my vegan diet - I haven't needed a doctor for
years and I use no drugs - just vitamins and supplements which
to my knowledge have no side effects as do drugs.

Well, I hope someone from your entourage has read this and hopefully,
will convey the basic sensible arguments which Carlin made re too
many of us indulging in fast food hamburgers. His arguments made a
lot of sense to me. What about to anyone reading them?

THANX GEORGE CARLIN. I toast you with my cherry/cranberry juice
drink. You showed by this one thoughtful paragraph that you were
indeed so much more than a comedian. You were also a thoughtful
observer of life here on this earth and one who was not afraid to
note its mistakes.